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I always wondered about her... ;-)
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LRD 90
Good one.
Argh, I can't share your share of the post ... only the original ... commenting on you re-sharing the original would be funnier though ;-)
I'm not a drug lord, but I play one on TV...
And here I thought that she had turned her life around after assimilating millions...
N I C E !

Probably was a fan :-)
splorfles beverage Ow! Dammit Jeri! giggling
See what happens when you choose to leave the Borg ?
Oh my goodness.... Seven has fallen so far...Something about Earth I guess..... ;)
and I always thought she was a clean cut trekkie
Well played, dear lady. Well played. :D
Owen VI
re-assimilation! :D
You know, all that time in the collective messes a person up.
Well, the Borg are all about peer pressure if nothing else.
Dr. Drew is calling for his next season of "Rehab". He accepts Borg Insurance but only if the Collective coughs up the co-pay..
That was just too damn funny!
She never did want to regenerate - always running around - now we know why
Why do people do this? I mean don't they learn their lesson?
What am I missing in this story? Who are you all talking about? #clueless
That's not really surprising. Wished it was. But reality about people is we all creatures of habit. Look at how they got where they are today, bounce that off what they expect out of life and should be able to understand their future has in store for them. The does preclude on statistic. that 30% might change. but that might even be to high. And your leaving out other circumstances that are unknown. By my figures people that condemn themselves rarely change. Only success story that I know of is a Guy named Paul.
So it's true what they say. Assimilating people is a gate way drug to hard stuff...
Sorry about the typos in spelling. Thoughts outrunning fingers again. or a TOF, as a good friend calls it. Can use the IPAD as an excuse on that one.LOL>>>>>>
7 of 9 is a crackhead LOL
+Gary McCrorey. It's easy to use Google when you see or know what you're search. I have no idea what this one picture is referring to. With so little to go on, I may was well consult with a psychic. So, thanks for being so helpful and kind and letting me in on the secret.
Thank you, +Levi Corredor. I appreciate you letting me in on what you're all talking about. You, kind sir, are a helpful person.
A co-worker of mine mentioned at lunch a number of years ago that she had grown up in a large family; there were nine children in total, and she was the seventh. The resulting 'shoop was inevitable.
Ah, that explains it. I don't watch the Star Trek shows. Sorry, Jeri. Nothing personal. :-) I do, however, like you in other roles.
Fred L
hah, win!
+Gary McCrorey Yes, it was, but thank you for apologising. I'm swimming in Star Trek ignorance. Just so you all know. :-)
Now waiting for the bit about her hanging around bikers and Republicans. ;)
What happens in the Delta Quadrant, Stays in the Delta Quadrant!
How far you fall so fast. Guess the Borg just didn't fit in well
That is some funny stuff. You have a great wit.
That's the Borg for ya! Once assimilated, always assimilated! I had such high hopes for her too. :p
So sad, she turned to a life of crime but she was a Borg, so...
Awesome!! I wondered about her and Brent Spiner...
That's hilarious!!! Resistance is futile.... Unless you know Dr.Drew!!!!!
i am sure the police will be assimilated. lol
and I thought it had to do with a adjunct
Hahahaha. Brilliant! Best unintentional headline ever!
JP Lang
I'm all for rehabilitation, but this seems like a serious relapse. Intensification of continuing therapy may be necessary.
i always thought chakotay was a bad influence.
Couldn't be you, you're "10 of 10" beautiful.
Oh that's just great !!!!! Ya got a hit show... Just got picked up for 3rd season.... And you go around acting like "Mrs." Charlie Sheen !!!!!! Shame on you +Jeri Ryan !!!! Lol
Seven would never take drugs... unless the other borg were doing it.
Xin Li
Life away from the collective is tough on an ex-borg. Figures she'd resort to drugs to make her hear voices in her head.
That's impressive.
In fact, I wonder how they arrested her :-)
resistance is futile hahaha
Always knew she's was a bad girl!!
Ha ha ha, that's a funny coincidence! :-)
Kiaz Mc
OMG another tragic actress' story.
You will always be Seven to me!!!!! :)
It seems i'm Star Trek-"damaged" ... had to reread that a few times to understand what Dwayne McClellan REALLY meant with this headline :)
I guess being cooped up on a ship with the same 140 some people for four years, with all the cortical node malfunctions, Janeway and the Borg Queen constantly fighting over who gets to keep her, and Harry Kim asking "are we there yet" for the billionth time was just too much for her.
Give me a minute to assimilate this, lol
Resistance was futile you are assimilated....lolllol
She was smuggeling cetracell white into the country
Haha, too funny! I hope she's getting help though, she didn't exactly have the perfect life with all them Borgs and stuff! =)
Had to read this a couple of ti.. Ok like ten times. I think she was seeking perfection.
Oh no! She went to a life of crime! At least there will be no crime when we are all assimilated by the Borg! hehe ;-)
Newspaper industry must be in serious trouble when they turn to Earthlink for their news staff email.
Oh, too brilliant. I wonder if others liberated from assimilation with other groups go through similar problems? Peter Parker did deal with separation anxiety.
LMAO one for the scrap book. 
It's well known that Borg are extremely susceptible to peer-pressure.
this saddens me to say, but I've spent about the last 5 minutes imagining what a Borg would be like on meth amphetamines....
i may not be able to sleep tonight.
Hilarious stuff...gorgeous AND smart.....
i smell a hallmark afternoon special in the works! collective addiction...
this is too funny. Jeri, what happened to her? was it starfleet stress? :p
Could be worse I guess. A simple Google search shows a few quote/unquote '7 of 9' related stories that have nothing to do with the Jeri Ryan '7 of 9' but could be very misleading. I wonder if these writers think before posting these things or do they do it on purpose hoping to catch the public's eye.
It must have been all the voices in her head.
they finally found her ? Ha, ha ! seven : go to jail ! yeah !
Thought that drugs wouldn't exist in the future.
And... if they would, 7 of 9 would be the last one to use them!
I mean... if you don't need food, why use drugs?
LOL, took me a sec to see its intended meaning!
Re-watching series 6 at the moment, it still has the magic that made it a great show. Thanks to you and crew.
S. Moo
Haha. Very nice.
Resistance is futile!! lol:-)) Greetz from Germany:-)
I knew she was too good to be true! ;-)
Doppelgänger. We've all got one apparently........
Hilarious! It has to be from the Borg implants...
<3 7 of 9 drug users prefer their own voyage of discovery?
I guess she couldnt take it after living with Chakotay for a while. LoL
That one actually DID make me lol...
Okay I really can not read this articles title correctly... now to figure out if that is a bad thing or not..
Ah seven, say no to drugs :)
Ah seven, say no to drugs :)
I am sure she tried.. Did you not know Captain Janeway enterprised the whole thing??
I knew the borg's where on something! LOL, Jk
Ha ha ha ha! That's pretty good +Jeri Ryan. I probably wouldn't have even noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out. :-D
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