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Ahh, my sweet Plussers...
1.7 MILLION of you have me in circles here. (Crazy!! Thanks so much to ALL of you!)
101,000 follow me on Twitter.
What's up with that??? ;-)
If you play on The Twitters too, come follow me there! I'm @JeriLRyan. I rarely duplicate posts here & there, so I promise not to be too redundant! :-)
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I like G+ more than Twits but thanks for the reminder. xD
1.7 million, guess i'am in good company then.
I think I do follow you on Twitter. But I never go to Twitter, I only use it for contests and stuff.
Following you here, on Twitter.... What's next? The Freeway? Store? Restroom!? I'm not that kind of Stalker* Jeri! ;)

* Stalking is serious and only CrAzY idiots do it! I joke about it because I'm on the other coast and I'm intelligent enough to know the difference between being a fan of an actors work (OK, the fact that Jeri is beyond exceptionally beautiful notwithstanding), and thinking that there is some "connection" (Besides social media) between said actor and I.
Thanks for allowing us to be part of your G+ life!
Hi Jeri,

You are just wonderful!
Is it too much to ask for you share share some of your love by tweet this music link?

That's because G+ is better than Twitter. :)
What I like about +Jeri Ryan on her Twitter account is the live tweeting for Body of Proof airings. #awesome
While you're not generally a celebrity I follow, your involvement and participation in social media makes you interesting.
Done and done.

Didn't know you had a handle there.
When are you coming to Florida to do a convention?
I've been following you there for a while now. Send pics of cute animals, etc. but no responses :(:(:(
Matt J
Already done! :)
Hmm it might have to do with the fact that more people use Google+ than twitter? But still Thats a lot of people! Oh by the way I watched "Down with Love" and saw you :D.
you are right jerry never be redundant,we follow any where.
Some of us simply don't use (or especially care to use) Twitter.
Follow in both places as well. One of the best celebrities to her fans ever!
I have no idea how you cope with so many replies to your posts!
There are tons of spambots out there too.
1.7 Million followers on G+, but only 37 comments over an hour. I'd say only a fragment of those 1.7 really care ;) waves
1.7 million!!! And here I was thinking I was special. SIGH!, Back to reality.
Twitter is for the weak and timid. Real Klingons use Google+.
LOL, I agree, it is a weird fenomenon, ok I'm not a popular person, on twitter I have (only) 214 followers but here in Google+ I have (only) 457 circlers ??? O.O I have been wondering exactly the same, what causes the difference ? And my twitter account is older than my Google+ account ...
+1 and followed on Twitter so its 101,001 :P
+Jeri Ryan I don't have a twitter, but I promise to pay extra attention to you on here.
00101000 Hmm Seems like you are a left parenthesis "(" on Twitter 8)
I also follow you on G+ and am here more than Twitter :)
That's because you are a special lady.
+Jeri Ryan, I have no explanation for the fools over on Twitter. But in G+ land, you are the only "celebrity" I follow -- and it's because most "celebrity" posts are clearly the work of some P.R. person, and yours are real. (Well, okay, I follow Dana Delany too, but only because YOU asked.) I can't imagine ANYBODY else in celebrity-land posting about how they got their horse to jump 6"... :-)
can proudly say I've been a follower of both your twitter and G+ for a while now! You rock Jeri!!!
Twitter is sooooo 2011. G+ is the thing now. :)
I can confirm that following +Jeri Ryan on both Twitter and G+ is twice the fun. :-)
Are you having a sad day? Follow +Jeri Ryan on Twitter ( ) and you will get an exclusive gift, absolutely free: Daily Cute! Cubs and other adorable stuff each day, to make you smile (don't resist, it's futile).
As much as I'd like to keep this a secret, NOT following @JeriLRyan on Twitter has to be one of the most #EpicFails you'll ever manage in your entire existence. I missed the first couple of months in 2010 and bitterly regret it. But then, that is now entirely YOUR problem. Just don't come complain later when you finally realize the magnitude of the fun or the actual scope of all the good things you've missed. ;-P
There are 1.7 million people on Google+?
Well duh, +Jeri Ryan you just kinda rock like that. As others (and myself) have said, it's all about interaction and you're much better at it than some of us are, lol.
+Jeri Ryan
You're real. You respond. You're not a star-bot. There's quite a few out there who are. By that, I mean some bored staffer posting random pictures of a 'star' doing all sorts of 'star' stuff ("I had such a splendid time talking to this reporter today at the photo shoot"). You're just as likely to post a picture of a riding lesson as you are a pair of shoes or your 'red carpet' look. You're real and it's refreshing. This is why I follow you. You are not 'up on a pedestal' or anything like that, you're a regular woman, with a regular husband and kids and a typical life and oh, yeah, there's that tv thing you do, too. It's a job and you like it, it's part of who you are, but it's not all of who you are. Again. Real.
Face it +Jeri Ryan , You're kind and engaging (being a beauty doesn't hurt either). The fact is you put your fans at ease by talking to us as people, and that makes you even more loved. I am a 1st generation G+ follower, and long time Twitter follower, and have never regretted either decision. Thanks for being you. :)
Thanks but i hate twitter ... :S
Haha, I remember when it was the other way around, too! I already follow you on Twitter, but—people who don't, you totally should! You're missing out on, among other things, the Daily Cutes! XD
Hello my friend
Feel free to listen to beautiful utwoow sax in my performance ..
Yours have a nice weekend.
Already following you on Twitter, you have to be rather foolish not too! =D It's awesome that so many follow you, one would think there'd be more Tweeters however but things are what they are! =D I just love the fact that you use Google+ and Twitter, the two best social networks worth using! At any rate, I will always follow you so you better keep posting neat stuff! =D
Ok cool.
Not a twitter dude, but happy to follow u here!
we follow here, we follow on Twitter, always near them and with them
With a million plus, how do you choose who to respond to? must be overwhelming to have so many looking at you, no?
I too prefer g+ to twitter. I suppose it helps being a gorgeous science geek and a rehabilitated borg.
that'll be an achievement when it reaches 2 million :)
0.02 miles, or just over 100 feet. in 1 second
Jeri, I think you are so popular because your role on Star Trek had you going through traumatic changes that many people could relate to. And then there is the fact that you are beautiful even when done up as part of the Borg. No doubt that many men have you in their circle but I recall when your Star Trek character and Captain Janeway had a crush on each other. You should use your popularity for a mission. My mission is to establish Peace on Earth by 2027.
Thanks , for sharing and caring .Your sweet toooo!
I follow you on both. You've really got some of the most interesting posts on Google+ these days. I wouldn't have found that Bear Hunter marketing thing if it weren't for you. Thanks.
Any star that shares so much of her life and experiences to millions of people that truly adore her should have a following like that. You are one of the most personable, likable, not to mention well known beings throughout the galaxy. It's a pleasure to see your posts and the snippets of your life. Thanx.
its great to be a part of this circle......And Jeri, you Are a great actress .. keep up the great work :-) xo
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