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Ok. THIS...!
THE most incredible ad campaign EVER.
And one of the best time-wasters ever! :-)
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Leo D
That's awesome!
More than half of what I tried resulted in the 404 Not Found video. Though, "drinks" resulted in the weirdest one. I expected "mows" to be not found, too, but it was cute. Love the extreme future of part 2.
Now that was worth the bears weight in gold. How inventive was that! Two thumbs up for that one .
+Jeri Ryan this is mind blowing incredible. The future of interactive T.v and internet. A new game is in town. Thank you, for this fun and interactive share. Group Hug!
Got a 404 error message when I typed 'trains' which is curious. Would have thought that'd be a common one for sure.
I agree!
I tried the first one (shoot/don't shoot) from Argentina: it appeared in Spanish! I got many 404s too, the few worked for me was "llama" (calls), and "bebe" ("drinks") and "sega" ("mows") (thanks +Todd L).
The birthday's one is great!
(also, I agree with the "time-waster" part... as some people say, "resistance is futile" ;)
Joe Tee
Ain't gonna bite!!
I know, I love it. It must have taken so long to make. So many scenes.
Holy hell. I typed "moons" to be a smartass AND THEY SAW ME COMING.

Oddly, they couldn't predict "smells".
+Hillel Fuld Unbelievable! I didn't try many, but 1999, 1962, and 1066 covered "Saved by the Bell", a psychedelic session, and the sword in the stone. abbott-trivvky..quesstion..-100$
Burger King did this years ago with "Subservient Chicken". You type in what you want it to do and it did it. It is still it.
BTW...wanna laugh? Type in "FU**S" (with the other letters replaced)
Okay, so, I tried putting in the year 2000 for the new one. It made the obvious y2k joke with error windows all over... and then it actually crashed the shockwave plugin - is it supposed to do that?
I didn't watch. didn't want to take the time. Maybe another day when I am bored or something.
there's nothing about that that isnt actual, bona fide genius. it melted my brain into a wonderful, happy kind of goo. Happy goo. I could sell that.
54 bc and 0 are both rather good. 10000 is a bit depressing. And 1789!
Hey Mark! Does that make you feel superior insulting her that way?
"assimilate" did not work either.
It's choose your own adventure on youtube!
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