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I am officially IN LOVE with this kid!!
(I was already in love with Rube Goldberg machines.)
Just awesome...
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rubi goldberg machines are interesting for me, too :P
yay , we have something in common lol :P

P.S. for ppl who cant watch the video, hit the "watch on youtube" and add "ss" in front of
Ani O
this is quality time with the family. I hope my son attempts awesome creative things like this when he gets older.
Totally shared in his glee when it worked! I was bouncing up & down! :D

. o O (And how perfect is it that they chose OK Go (they did a huge Rube Goldberg machine for their This Too Shall Pass) for the background music! ♥)
how often enough, one cannot look at it in Germany :-(
You are one awesome little dude!!
Video is blocked in Germany. "May contain music, which was not licensed by GEMA".
That was truly awesome. Way to go Audri. Thanks for sharing, Kyle, and Jeri.
This is why there will be a lot more guys like Steve Jobs in the years to come.
+Kai-Stephan Trienke abgesehen davon ist Dein Kommentar ueber meinen View nicht sichtbar, da Du wahrscheinlich den Ursprungsbeitrag kommentiert hast. (Update: Now your comment is visible, wasn't there before ,)
Hrhr. Yes, of course, but since Jeri is an artist, this is probably a good place to complain about artwork not getting distributed...
Very Good Well ...?
If its Cheap Price No doubt many who have ....?
I love it.....think I will pit my 5 kids against each other in a contest......
Omg - super cute kid, and smart!
He reminds me of 'the kid' w/ Bruce, so fun.
I have a niece obsessed with Rube Goldberg machines, and this totally just raised the bar for her. How awesome!
Thanks Jeri, first time I smiled today... Sometimes little things like this make me believe there is hope for the world....
The kid is awesome. His parents are lucky to have him. That said, probably the most annoying kid in class (for the teacher that is, other students probably love him)
+Jeri Ryan Excellent choice of music for the video as well. OK Go's videos often have that Rube Goldberg quality, especially evidenced in their most recent video where they use a car to create some of the music as they drive through a special rube goldburg road course.

Very clever. I think I had as much watching it as he did in doing it. Thanks +Jeri Ryan
This is a time when Rube isnt a pejorative word.
it's too bad there's no way to give this more than a single + 1. That kid rocks!
Nice fellow. Nice work. Nice research.
For a second, I thought the kid was going to say something else when he said "on the fff-forth try!"
Funny you should post this now, a friend of mine is making a Rube Goldberg inspired juggling show and, earlier today, I was watching a video he posted: Thingamabob - Coming Soon!

Thanks for sharing, I'll pass it on to him.
Wow that was pretty cool , he was so excited when it worked.
lol must admit it was fun to watch and interesting how the mind of a child works. very smart kid.
nice work, man. he is a man now, not a kid anymore.
Childhood . . . so much free time; I miss it.
Good luck to Rube . I love his great achievement and wish him all the sucess in his future ideas & achievements Best wishes to you Mrs. Jeri
Cute kid. Good job. My brother used to build things like that to catch toads, or birds or racoons. He had two successes. One trap caught a toad and one caught birds.
How did that little guy think of all of those mechanisms? I'm definitely sharing this with everybody :)
My faith in the younger generation has now been restored. (No video games were injured in the creation of this young mind).
Well it doesn't have the cute kid but this UK Honda ad (circa 2006) is the most amazing contraption I've ever seen. Uses the parts from an Accord and only 605 takes to get it right,
Honda Accord - Cog
Hahaha, I love that kid, he's awesome! Thank you for sharing this! :D
This kid deserves a college scholarship
This kid has potential
Great way to change the perspective of 'failure' into success.
lesson in this is: failure leads to success :)
This is such a great video! Thank you for sharing. :-)
No one seems to get that the kid is a girl, not a boy. Unless he's a boy named Audri. She's a little tomboy! You GO girl!
Did you read the description of the video, Christine Deliz? "HE is 7 years old and HE can read so please keep it positive." People are right.
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