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Ok, I am not kidding here, people...


Seriously. You'll thank me.

(shared on Twitter by +Brendan Haley )
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I got a 404, unfortunately. :(
4channel? not sure i want to click
Gorgeous, we need to find you a nice long movie... :~)
Ok, whoever created that Wins the Interweb for the day.
Mind Blown I love putting things into perspective.
cool! Reminds me of Astrometrics.. and in a way, The Big Bang Theory Intro.. :P Thanks!
+Jeri Ryan Twitter users don't as easily get to enjoy this sort of awesomeness. Google+ FTW
OHHHH +Jeri Ryan I saw this last night. My friend and I spent about an hour looking at this zooming in and out... we cracked a few nerd jokes while we were at it. agreed. THANK YOU
Em Snow
This is very cool. I'll probably end up spending a lot of time reading through it.
+Jeri Ryan Thank you for sharing and putting this up on G+. Pretty neat.
A celebrity publicly linking to 4chan. Never thought I'd see the day.
I've seen a number of these size comparisons, but this is the most comprehensive yet.
Now that was an awesome sight to behold. Thanks for the share, +Jeri Ryan :)
The small animations catch your eye. The hummingbird flapping its wings or the wavelengths moving at different speeds. Very cool.
Em Snow
Also love the little facts that popup when you click on an item.
thanks from bottom of my hearts..........
Headed outward, Earth appears before Asia. So Earth is smaller than Asia? I think someone's math is a little off.

Otherwise cool though.
Honestly, you really could spend hours on this, clicking on everything. Just imagine the knowledge you could amass if you were able to memorise everything.
This is great, something to play with when i am supposed to be working on my honey do list. REALLY COOL, THANKS JERI!
Did anyone else hear an epic soundtrack playing in their head as they scrolled through this? Thanks for sharing, Jeri!
In there was the size of the Minecraft universe (really!)
This is probably the COOLEST thing I have seen in a very very long time. Thank you for this...
Thanks for making me feel more insignificant as I already do. ;)
Stolen...reshared. ;-)
You gotta be careful, now, +Jeri Ryan. With more than a bazillion people circling you, posts like this can crash some poor, unsuspecting server somewhere, possibly even the web! Who would have ever thunk it... Jeri Ryan has created her own Denial of Service attack. Resistance really is futile! Bah... who cares... post away!! :)
that was awesome to look at....thanks
Incredible. Thanks for sharing it, Jeri. As I'm scrolling the vertical bar across the bottom towards the right, I'm humming the beginning of the Buck Rogers theme (from the 80s show with Gil Gerard). It seems to fit the occasion. Yea, I'm weird.
very cool !!!!! i think i saw Voyager out there.......
Best part of the whole thing was Russell's Teapot.I bet even a lot of the uber nerds missed that subtle shout out .Thanks Seven of Nine!
Thanks +Jeri Ryan that's sure defines our place in this vast universe. Thanks for the share.
That is very very cool, thanks for sharing!
Jim C
I saw this yesterday. It's really cool!
WOW!!!! That is so cool. Thanks for sharing this!
Ms. Ryan, I just added you to my circle today and you've just made me cry! That was beautiful! I can't wait to share with my students!
There's a joke somewhere about my wife's ass... but I can't seem to find it.
+Patrick Chiocchio Kind of hard to measure things that you can't actually "see" and are mostly theoretical models backed by indirect evidence (which is still more evidence than any deistic religion gives for anything)
or if we don't thank you, we will feel sufficiently insignificant (it really is incredible)
Geez. I thought it was far to the Delta Quadrant.
Okay... I just burned up 20 minutes looking at this... This 'WAS' cool... Thank you Jeri!
Truly wondrous, the mind just boggles at the unimaginable scale and distances. Thanks for posting it.
Amazing, still hard to get your head round it, but that was a very good start :) And thank you!
Really helps to put things into perspective for all of us.... from 10^-35 to 10^27 ...a continuum
To realize how small we are and how little piece in the big big puzzle we are is a great feeling. At least it is for me. It gives chance to put things in right perspective. It gives me peace of mind. It's not just about us.
I liked this version they added some more content and spruced it up!
Between the 10^9 and the 10^12 meter spheres there is a measured bar that says "Total Human Height." All of us placed end to end about equal the diameter of Pollux.
Wow a link from 4chan from Jeri Ryan! Also, that was amazing... makes you feel kinda insignificant. Mind = Blown
That was Just amazing! Thanks for a cool graphical way to learning quite a few new things.
excellent , relaxing,............ i'm a .....germ
Stuff like this makes me happy that the internet exists. :)
took me to a bulliton board 4 video
omg...can i spell or what...bulliton??? and there is no spell checker
I love those comparisons and I seriously thank you
WOW, that is awesome, thanks for sharing!
Company firewall blocked it. Now im REALLY curious --__--
OMG OMG OMG. And then they say there is no life out there. There HAS to be. There simply has to be...
Very cool, but I disagree with the universe having any size. If it were truly infinite, then an "estimated size of the universe" would be meaningless. It just sounds Ptolemaic-ish. Perhaps they should say "limits of our ability to observe the universe." After all, an infinite universe has no center.
How i wish i had enought time to live to see all this things fully discovered and explored... :D:D
+Jeri Ryan You are right. It is cool. I am thanking you. You are no longer only known for your fame. I'm going to show my kids this...

+Karin Nelson If there is no life out there, there must be a deity.
Why? Is it a video of you screwing a group of strangers at one of your swinger parties? I'd buy that for a dollar! Too bad you released that divorce material so Obama could win. What were you paid with? Coke? Obama likes Coke too.
well thats was cool d:-)
Saw this earlier in the week. Very impressive piece of work, highly recommended. Emailed it to some people who don't do the G+.
Very educational in an easy way to be made more aware of how small
we are!!!!!!!
As you said, we will thank you, and i am doing that right now, many thanks for this awesome undescrible webpage, it might take a year to cover all the details, and take centuries to learn about all of them....
oka cmp
awsome.... thanks Jeri... =)
+Daniel Torres The Universe is finite; incomprehensibly huge != infinite. And it doesn’t have a center.
> > > "Your primitive analysis machine will be assimilated. Resistance is futile." < < <
Oh I love this site +Jeri Ryan I need to learn to start sharing things like this. Thanks for sparking my memory!
And people worry about the Kardashians...
Very "powers of ten", but very cool.
wooow..awsm....Thanks Jeri for sharing!!
Perfect........ Seems Hardwork....... Very much like

The Borg collective would be both the smallest and largest thing in the universe... i bet that just blew your mind
OMG This is sooo Awesome thanks for showing it to everyone xD
+Jeri Ryan Thanks for the amazing share. One thing to note: Structural complexity seems to be greatest on the meso-scale, i.e. around us. Strange.
wow thanks for sharing grate link its wonderful
my goodness really amazing and i"ll say u thanks for this lovly stuff :)
Love it! Thanks, and love you! It's awesome!
Wow, thanks. Bookmarked. Too cool.
Sam Sim
How Amazing, Bookmarked. Thanks
OMG Jeri -- That is awe-inspiring!! It definitely gives one a sense of their place in the universe -- no matter how small! Thanks for sharing this.
Hi jeri, well done... But what's all that about pls??
Hi jeri, well done... But what's all that about pls??
future to Google Universe?... awesome!!!
this is such an awesome post +Jeri Ryan B) thank you so much for making me realize the vastness of the universe :P
Any body up down to chat
WOWWW...I never thought that humans can be so significantly insignificant....:)
awesome n lovely.......... nice 1............
Thank you so much Jeri! You are one of my favorite actresses!
Wow, amazing. Thanks.
WAHHAHAOW , What a magnificence universe, do you Know that we discovered only two surrounding spaces until now , our sky{7} and the our galaxy{6}, and there are 7 surrounding spaces "Skies" , so still we have 5 more to discover!..
great work.....its amazing ...isn't it?
we still know nothing........such a huge universe.......
awesome. the humans can just observe 5% of the space. the other we call dark matter.
Everything Humans know or have ever known captured in 2.5 minutes - amazing
its really a great discovery
Jeri ,, really thanx form the core of my heart.. thakn u a lot..
Very cool! I love the word 'Quark' :)
Holy smokes. that was infinitely impressive! So useful in teaching!
@Jeri Ryan Thanks. sharing. you really are 7 of nine aren't you? Just finished to watch it. You were right. I thank you
a little over 3 decades ago, the late carl sagan sent me a poster depicting things in each order of magnitude of dize from a single pro-ton to the observable universe. just for a minute, i saw that poster come to life here. it was fun. through fires, floods and famine, i wonder if i still have that poster. i should put it up somewhere.
I thank you so much for providing us such a good content.I liked the way its visualized and presented to us in a user friendly manner.I wish you come up with such content in future and post it.
That was awesome. Thank you for the share :)
I just can't recollect that I ever was impressed that much! Unable to find proper word to describe how I feel. Opened mouthed, speechless, and forgetting to breathe. The complexity of what we are inseparable part of just knocked me down, and so clearly shown! Definitely must-see.
Thank you!
awesome....! whole universe in fingure tip...:)
I had no idea dodo birds were that big.
Pretty amazing. Gotta love the text about AM wavelength ^^
Marvelous, brings back that sense of wonder, and yes; I do thank you.
Eli S.
Thank You :-)
Great. thanks. The scales of micro and macro universes are staggering and makes us humble. Now the philosophers can answer the long is a piece of string ? Go ask planck. 555. Haha. Cheers. V
??? just takes me to games advertising???
Full of horseshit! False and irrelevant in many ways. Cut an earthworm in halves and you end up with two single worms. And so on.
Well that certainly puts things in perspective

I prefer the Monty Python version though

# "Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving
And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour,
That's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned,
A sun that is the source of all our power.
The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see
Are moving at a million miles a day
In an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour,
Of the galaxy we call the 'Milky Way' " #

And no, you can't have my liver!
What the...?
My teacher showed this to us yesterday!

It's called The Scale of The Universe
Impressive. Soo this universe is just created randomly?
He's been busy. I can remember when this stopped at +10x and -10x!
Maybe built by HTML5 and CSS3
Minecraft world? that's funny!
just amezing........................................
Thank you for sharing that very very very wonderful experience. Makes me realize how insignificant we as humans really are in the grand scale of the universe.
chicken invaders !!! hahaha

much more bigger ... much more bigger !!!
I'm amazed at the effort someone has put into this! Unbelievable...
Xin Li
I had no idea we could actually measure distance as far, and also as near as the two extremes. This demo is both humbling and uplifting. On the one hand, it shows just how inconsequential our perception of reality, and our existence as a whole really is in the grand scheme of things. And yet, just the fact that our limited, backward species (as the borg would think of us) can even perceive just how inconsequential we really are, is itself an accomplishment.
It's just amazing...Thanks
simply amazing. i do thank you
Wow! That's fantastic. It puts our world in a perspective that's maybe uncomfortable for some but fascinating for the rest of us!
A shame that the "Battle of Wolf 359" wasn't mentioned within this Animation. :/
+Vlad Serbulea No, but someone made a rather disgusting comment about things from +Jeri Ryan 's past and private life. Things that are nobody's business. I wonder what such people are smoking???
OK, that is frackin brilliantly done. Best of its kind. Oh, and thank you!
That is amazing ,interesting and totally awesome!Thank you Jeri!
Bob Toy
Ohhhh, my...flashbacks to Cosmos. Deeee-lightful!
I love it! kept me and my nerdish sister (I'm a nerd too!) Busy for an hour!
Very interesting AND informational! Some of the descriptions are hilarious too! Thanks Jeri!
Have seen something similar some time ago. Thanks anyway. However, I belive what is shown there only cover a fraction of what reality of the universe will turn out to be. I belive the universes - and what is there is not limited to what we see in the scale here - but go much much much further. We are only on the brick of discovery, what is "out there" could easily be 10 to 30 or 10 to 60 or much more. We simply do not have the answers.
I agree it is cool - but is is (to me) a sandcorn in a solarsystem that we see and know ... so far.
This is AMAZING!!!!!!!! mMy head is spinning!!!The only thing more amazing would be seeing it in person!!!!! Thanks!
This is one of the most awesome-est things i've ever been pointed at by social media. Ofcourse it had to be the Borg woman to find this supercool piece of software and share it with... a collective.. ;)
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