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This is a really cool look behind the scenes of the Body of Proof season 2 episode, "Occupational Hazards". Getting to learn about how to do forensic facial reconstruction is one of the many awesome things I've gotten to do for my job!
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This is so totally cool!  Really, is there anything you do not do well?  (Ok, that's actually a rhetorical question :-)
From a skull to the right hairstyle ... "CSI", "Bones", "BoP" - every show is doing this.
y u hate on kudyn? he is fighyting for ur freedumb too!
Easy guy thats no way to talk on her blog plus be grateful that there are actors that are bold enough to put themself out in the pubic eye I aplaud Jeri for doing so. just keep doing it jeri don't ever stop being you,or how excited you are at doing your job when you work so hard at your craft I know there is a piece of life that when you become a star that you gave up and most don't see that. So my hat is off to you and just keep posting Thank you
Dave Engel 
How do we know they are a very talented actress, see what's next :-)
im sry dafe, mi and dario r a couple, we just play around a little :)
Bob B
I prefer your Grifting Skills ;) 
I never thought of it before. It must be interesting to jump into a role. Learn new skills, do new things,

Depending on the character perhaps not necessarily fun, possibly even a bit scary, but interesting nonetheless?
Nope...that's not creepy at all to wake up to.
Wow. That was great. I have seen that done before and Jeri you look so professional. Totally awesome. And as I have said before, you have many mad skills.
I would love to here you sing again. You have a beautiful voice.
It was excellent +Jeri Ryan. You did a really good job.

It was a episode really Amazing. I'm sure it was so great to learn that :)

Congrats +Jeri Ryan. You're so Awesome =D. 
That is awesome! I wish I could study forensics and criminology, it's fascinating. I must say I am very jealous of your job... Keep having fun! xoxo
Very cool! Loved the article and photos.

I'm working on a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice (concentrating on Forensic Psychology and Homeland Security). I enjoy learning about all the aspects of the field. Shows like Body of Proof (among others) can be inspirational.
God Bliss your family and keep you well and healthy to take care of them and let us enjoy your terrific performance. I think you are great on body of proof.
Wow! Very Cool! This is getting RT'd :)
"Jeri was so good at mimicking the sculptural manipulations I showed her, we were able to use her hands for filming.  With some other shows like CSI:, my hands have been intercut with the actress's hands." -- Karen Taylor / Prop sculptor
Wow, gifted much? If you can do this AND stay on a horse that jumps (not necessarily simultaneously, of course), I see no compelling reason why your French should alledgedly be (or remain) ... "bad" -- as I once heard you say. Right? ;-)
I'm really looking forward to season 2 of "Boyd of Proof!"  You and Dana Delaney are top notch in my book!
PRICE AS I speak English, I'd love to get acquainted with YOU
First off I think it's fantastic that you're 'hanging out' with us 'regular people,' bravo for that! Then I wanted to say that I have been a huge fan of your past work on Voyager; Seven of Nine is one of my all time favorite ST franchise characters...And then there's Kate on BoP.
Wow. YOU are an excellent actor! No skin tight suits required ever again to get you noticed.
Can't wait for the new season to start!
Oh, and my wife and I have PURPLE THUMBS and are counting on you to help us get something, ANYTHING, to grow for us! (By the way, we live in the Southern California Desert region and may be beyond help!)
Are you up for that challenge? :)
Happy 4th of July!
Yikes! It looks like Max Headroom's gf first thing in morning. lol
ditto; seven of nine is one of my favorites too.
oi, tudo bem kerida vc é linda,me chamo luciana
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