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I love this... (well, except for the spelling error I just noticed... but the sentiment is great!)

Thanks, +Reg Saddler , for the share!
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+Ali Ashraf - Improve your public transport system....possibly offer it for free... take away the need for inner city cars. Encourage bike usage, exercise and healthy living. Educate your people about the dangers of toxic exhaust....
Dαn J
And so totally true.
i thought i was a nobody...but i am a somebody :). thanks.
negate your 'self'-------u can change the remaining life----loveable for u &for everyone around u
yes we have not defected to the free trial!!
i am somebody.......huhhuhu like it...
ONE GOD for all of GOD'S people.

GOD HAS NO RELIGION -- that belongs to stupid MAN !!!

I want to achieve world peace but I don't have a big enough gun. If everyone does just a little to help, just a little is all anyone will achieve. If you had the power to change anything, you wouldn't be attracted to this quotation.
I'm going to start doing my part right now. I'm founding the "Ensure people writing motivational posters know how to use a spell checker" movement.
one person is like a spark who can set of a fire..... a fire can be dangerous but also something very beautiful.
we all should listen more what other people have to say and think about what people say.
It's easy to place blame. Much harder to do it instead.
Start with what you see in the mirror, work your way out from there. Concentrate on things that are actually within your scope of influence.
They spelled "Didn't" wrong.
Given up on enyone ever speeling write again!
there are 4 people, somebody,everybody,anybody and nobody. Everyday,somebody tells everybody to do a job anybody could do but nobody does it
Hoa Do
verry good
A bit of OCD kicking in catching the error. I think it speaks more to the reality of problem solving. Sometimes you need to get your hands dirty and make mistakes to begin the process of solutions.

Too much planning can be a problem in it self.
Sounds like 911 on a hijacked plane, they didn't want to wait for a hero... That plane never made it to the Pentagon... I think it was.
But maybe everybody should pull their head out of the zanex bottle actually stop spouting such platitudes and actually live in reality
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