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Poor O'Brien... ;-)

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I love it. Like I liked the "O'Brien must suffer" -Episodes in DS9. Did I feel bad for him. Bloody Hell!
Poor guy. I would have left the Enterprise D, too. 😊
Alone with the transporter ,sad. Though the transporter sound is/has been my text message notification sound for ages :)
Was he the same actor with a special relationship with his collection of guns in Layer 4 Cake?
O'Brien was always one of my favourite characters in any of the Star Trek series. Colm Meaney is such a good actor. :-)
The coolest job in starfleet.
Barri R
Nice. I always wondered what that guy did all day just standing in the Transporter room? Now I see my suspicions were confirmed! ; )
Poor O'brien.  He should have signed up for Voyager. He would have had more to do for sure, +Jeri Ryan :)
I used to wonder about that. The Chief, just standing there for a whole shift waiting?
Caught a DS9 episode this week where O'Brien explained to Worf why he liked living on DS9 where everything was always breaking.  Made me think of this :-)
I watching deep space 9 now when chief obrien went to prison for 20 years but in actuality it was only a couple of hours
^That's such a sad episode.  

I love how he has 2 plips on his collar.  "chief"  yeah.  
No one ever gave him enough credit....
this is great :D Chief has the hardest job there :P
There is why he went to DS9 ;)
I m enjoy listen 2people who a positive attitude about life
i like people who is are good characteres in the society
Yeah, it's no wonder he got a transfer to DS9!
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