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WOW. Classy, Facebook. 
Am I the only one who thinks this smells desperate...?
Facebook resorting to ever more dirty tricks against Google+.

Facebook has taken its cheating to a new low. 

As you know, I auto-post Google+ posts to Facebook. The link brings my Facebook followers back to Google+ for the pictures and comments and for the complete post. 

But now, when they click on the link, my followers get a scary "Security Alert: This Link May Not Be Safe" warning.  

As far as I can tell, Facebook is lying. Flat-out lying as a dirty trick to reduce traffic to Google+. I can't think of any other explanation. 

And they're apparently paying Symantec to take the blame for the lie. 

Both companies know that a link to Google+ is perfectly safe. There are no banner ads and no way for malicious code to be downloaded from Google+. There has never, to the best of my knowledge, been a malware event originating from a Google+ link. 

Even after you click "Ignore this warning," every single link is flagged in the same way, with no "learning" or option to accept all links from the site. 

I wonder what +Robert Scoble thinks of this.

Props to +Roberto Acevedo III for pointing this out to me. 
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Not only Google+ some blogs are also "not safe" :-)
Smells like something unsavory. But it's a company desperate to keep people trapped within their ecosystem, so I'm not surprised.
Rae O.
I agree, can't we all just get along?
It's getting nasty never mind desperate.
Hehe, I smelled that when they started making changes to their UI as soon as G+ started getting popular. :) 
Well, it figures they're teaming up with Norton products...  lol
Well I used to love Norton, well when Peter was writing the code but teaming with FB? WTF?
Norton has taken up way more of my productivity than any virus.  UGH.
I'd want to investigate further before placing blame.  Libel suits can be costly.
J Agnew
Seems a very Apple-esque thing to do
Strange, considering it is sending you to an https:
Facebook threatened to cancel my account a few weeks back after I invited some family members to be friends. Told me I could only invite people I knew lol
I am agree to Mike , Facebook wants to reduce traffic to G+
So now they admit that G+ is a threat to bad Norton played along. I will never use them for this is unscrupulous!
remember the love virus and Ihow long Norton took to bother detecting it...
I don't need a degree in computer science to detect that symantec is in fact malware ...( it's impossible to fully cleaned it out of the system without wiping it clean)
I usually blame politicians for this sort of deceptiveness...
... mine is doing it too... thanks for the update. 
Flicker Yahoo is fine. YouTube is fine... just G+ 

TWiT and TWiG will have a new topic to discuss this week. LOL
I can see your post, but I can't reshare it, because the original poster has me blocked, so attempts to post returns a "post no longer exists" error. Google+ has some very weird rules about this stuff.
I'm happy that I'm breaking down everything with FB. 
On the other hand, FB turns more and more to a scareware, 
R.I.P. Facebook
Mike's post encouraged me to login to Facebook to tell everyone in FB this is BS.  I hate juicing their numbers, but worth it.
I left FB two years ago and haven't looked back. Logging in to maintain the FB fan page at work feels dirty now.
Well, it is Facebook so I'm not shocked by this. 
... was long ago motivated to delete photos from FB, this motivated me to change my FB username email to joinedgoogleplus at facebook dot com   LOL
Links now seem to be working. Somebody at FB is paying attention. 
What they probably meant to say was that Facebook itself was 'potentially unsafe'.....
There is an element of truth to the warning popup if they finished the sentence...

Security Alert: This link may not be safe for our business plans to maintain social network dominance.

+Mike Elgan +Jeri Ryan 
all the more reason to not use facebook or Symantec.

Google+ and Kaspersky for me thank you. 
Well come on guys. I think you are being a little unfair. I mean how else are they going to keep people from abandoning their inferior product? Innovation or improving it are obviously out of the question. But seriously I have to agree with +Brian White and say it's probably a bug.
I haven't this problem... yet. And I put every day one link to some G+ content. I'll keep track of this. Thanks !
FB gives this warning so often - paranoia g
how do you auto-post from google+ to facebook ?
Weird, because I also keep re-posting my G+ posts on facebook and my friends haven't encountered any such warning message.
Not necessarily desperate, but definitely pathetic! 
Ok, thank Jeri for reporting, you can not be too careful
I deactuvatwd my Facebook account. Now I need to make sure it is deleted permanently.
Am just about fed up with fb's BS. It seems to have gotten worse since the great flop IPO.
U Hol
+Jeri Ryan  +Mike Elgan  Facebook stocks started at 38$ and are down to 28$. I think they would do everything to get them up. This warning had to be be given to the buyers at the public issue of facebook stocks.
I haven't had this happen with any of my posts but I've put out a test post to see if it happens with anyone else.
+Andrew Shah To my knowledge, that time has passed (two weeks?) But I haven't received any confirmation.
i couldn't agree with ou more.
The truth of the matter is simply that "all" web sites are "potentially" unsafe. It's the nature of the beast.When you have thousands of idiots out there trying to/succeeding in screwing up peoples lives, eventually they find that one little door to stick their lowlife little foot in. Sux, but true......
Facebook is less well. I'm prefer Twitter and G+. It's really better.

Agreed with you +Jeri Ryan =D
i not using a face book log time now i check this by theway thanks budy 
Well I hope YouTube won't share in FB then and see what happens.
me getting problems with face book so i can't say otherwise.
Yea facebook is trying hard to stay in the game. At least they havent become patent trolls yet like oracle, apple, microsoft, n them. Im full time Linux now. I fear no virus :)
It's not just links to G+... Over the past few days, FB has been flagging all kinds of external links as unsafe... especially those from bloggers whose entries are auto-posted to FB. Just saying.
It's funny, even with 750+ million users, how desperate Facebook seems to be getting. I wonder what other tactics they will be resorting to, down the road.
Better question - what tactics have they employed in the past that we're still unaware of that's made them that rich??
If they teamed up with Norton I am leaving FB now and for ever. There will be more security problems than anyone knows what to do with. 
Sad very sad.  First they make it difficult to share your posts with the world and now they make it difficult to view the world from a link in their network.  
I got the same thing with one of my Vimeo videos.  :-O
well...dying sites often do stuff like that :) and we all know what will happen with fb soon :) (Remeber myspace?:D)
share yur opinions commrades.
Maxim i
Facebook is so slow for me, I cant even use it.
Odd.  I don't have this problem.  Yet.  Maybe it's how they're sharing their posts?  I use "Replies and more for Google+ v1.52" and it works awesomely.  Other products were actually posting any URL I put in my G+ posting as the URL FB would get (dumb).  This addon works beautifully for sharing your posts on FB with one or two clicks.
The point is, FB wants all of the data to come in and remain, not to go out. They want to be the only ones with data to sell to advertisers so they get richer and richer. And this isn't new. It's been happening for the better part of 2012. I first noted it in early March. Others earlier than that.
I've been trying to get Facebook to pull down some Porn pages that pop up in feeds. This is hardcore stuff. They seem to turn a blind eye to that kind of thing unless you make a huge stink, I would think thats more dangerous than any Google+ page.
Not surprised at all.  I killed my FB profile nearly two years ago for a reason.
There are places where only Pepsi is sold, and no Coke, and vice versa, because the vendors force it.  Apple is kicking google maps off iOS6 devices and looking for integration with facebook but not G+.  These companies are not working based on the traditional openness of the Internet.  They are going back to the days of Compuserve and AOL.  Microsoft seems they are following suit with Windows 8 interface and the apps concept.  Boo.

I'm thinking the winner will be the one who includes all the Internet provides.  WD TV Live will beat Apple TV, Linux will beat Windows and Mac OS, and Android is already beating other smartphones.
Facebook and Apple are the worst kind of competitors. The kind that don't play fair.
I get a similar message on my phone when opening any link external to Facebook. This along with the news that Facebook is going to implement new 'privacy' changes despite 85% of the people voting against them makes me just want to un-install it and delete all links.... (I never got a message from Facebook about the changes to the privacy policy despite my account setting to send me said change notifications)
IRONY The Worst Antivirus company warning people on the most unsafe social network in the history of social networks about other sites.
OK, I'm not pro-Failbook but I am anti-scare mongering.
I've tried this with a G+ link from my Failbook wall from several accounts and not one has brought up this alert. I'd say it was probably a glitch because if they actually dared to do this on purpose it would cause too much bad press. It's been bad enough with this but we do have to keep them on their toes to make sure they don't try something similar :)
Playing dirty, hell yes! Playing unfair and ANTI-SOCIAL most definitely!  But desperate certainly not.  Google would have done the exact same thing if they had thought of it first.   
Ian Cox
Desperate sounds about right. But I get a similar warning from Google UK search when I use it to find websites: "Warning: this website wants to be added to your Trusted Sites List". It's all about tracking cookies. Tell your browser to block all tracking cookies and see how far you get with Facebook or Google. I can't even log into my Gmail account unless I allow it to put cookies on my P.C. (The European Union has legislated against our loss of privacy through tracking cookies. That's why I've been checking on these pesky things.)
How do you auto post?
Um, this is an ad by Norton.  They're so pressured to sell software they just post random scare warnings for websites to get in your face.  Note the "Download norton..." option.  That's really the point.  
And yes, it smells of desperation.
They're blocking access to links on the ning social network too. Arseholes.
I stopped using norton when their software ran like shit upon expiration of your annual term. Not months after expiration, mind you, but on the day your money ran out.

You'll get frequent reminders to re-up, and your whole machine would run like shit until you splash the cash.

The only difference between them and scare-ware malefactors is they might stop an infection. 
i'm starting to doubt facebook,any let me see how it goes first before i be the judge
they add that to google+ links, yet they can't stop the OMG see who is stalking you virus.
When FB does this, it's a HUGE compliment to G+. It also shows that G+ is doing it right!  :)
Let's see now.  Stock through the floor, advertisers leaving Facebook (sorry for the bad name), dirty underhanded tricks.  Business as usual. Kind of glad I don't use Symantec products.
Xin Li
WIth the moral fiber of a leader like Mark Zuckerberg, what do you expect? That man has shown a consistant pattern of disregard for doing what is right, whenever it became slightly inconvenient.
I can see that. guess they know a cool thing when they see one.
After watching IO yesterday, I would be worried too.
I used to use Norton on my PC. Then my subscription was about to run out. Norton kept sending alerts to my PC. They progressively got more and more annoying and were interrupting everything. Interrupted me while I was playing an MMO. I got so pissed off, I decided to uninstall it. I'm not against friendly reminders, but I felt what Norton was doing to me was harrassment. Norton just pissed off and lost a customer.
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