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Wellllll now, I wouldn't say it's a completely "dead end"... ;-)
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I'm looking forward to assimilation.
You were great in that Star Trek TV series.
oddly cube shaped, that road..;o)
Let me guess, someone unusual lives at number 7 and 9?
Thanks for sharing ! What a catch on the Sign!
I'm having difficulty coming up with a non-corny joke or wordplay here.
Did you accidentally bump into the sign, or did you accidentally bump into the photo?

I bet Borgs like to keep people in suspense!
Darn you +Jeri Ryan :-P
So if you assimilate me ( you in that Tight -Ass uniform ) . Sweetness , I'm down with That..
+Jeri Ryan
Nerd alert! Been watching DS9 and Voyager start to finish on Netflix. Damn you Netflix! Really enjoy your character on the show. (And the catsuit doesn't hurt either) 
Yeah, +Frank Figueroa Jr., that's not creepy at all.  I'm sure she's hopping on a plane on her way to you as I type this.

Is that somewhere in Cupertino? Just sayin..
that's because some dick city council member wouldn't let them replace dead end with assimilated way. 
So if resistance is futile; we can assume you drive down it, right?
how did you find this, just Deja Vue
It will likely be assimilated into the suburbs.
I think you've proved that there is a way back. Resistance isn't so futile afterall. :)
if we move there, are we part of the collective?
To this day I make up "Seven of Nine" statistics as a personal joke to myself. Until the other day when asked how I picked a wine and not wanting to say "the label was pretty" I said, " 7 of 9 people preferred this pinot to competing wines from the same region. " A woman at the table said, "How many?" I said, "7 of 9." She mumbled "Nerd" under her breath. I'd never been caught before!
I love 7 of 9 tertiary adjunct of unimatrix zero - one so much, I named all my internal drives on unimatrix zero one, primary secondary tertiary and quaternary! 7 was better than  Kes
I would just like to say, +Jeri Ryan  has achieved perfection! "We are the Ryans"
My NAS drive is named "Unimatrix Zero", My cat is named Seven.
Yes. Ms. Ryan has definitely avoided the type casting curse of Star Trek while maintaining the loyalty of her fan base. Not easily done. However when Dr. Kate Murphy was stricken by the weaponized virus from hell, I knew it would be ok. Nanites you know.
right on you go girl, with your awsome trekky self lol
7 of MINE! Lol, one of my favorite lines from that show.
It isn't death, it's assimilation. Some would argue that assimilation is worse.
^^^^^^^^^Log into Google+ for the first time on 4 months and I read the creepiest comment ever 
I hoped that was for the post above mine. :-) 
Never use this before and just wanna see how it works...
Resistance........ well, we know.
They really did take the world :)
In the wrong area when you see that. Resistance is futile 
this is cool.. borg is my surname
The President of that Home Owners Association must be known as the Borq Queen. Like all HoA's and the Borq they share the same relentless drive of assimilating everyone into their Collective for perfection, everyone must comply or be destroyed for putting that tacky pink flamingo on the lawn, having the grass too long, or doing anything to the house that does not comply with the uniform looks of the rest of the street.
7 of 9 appears on Google+. Nerds attack.
Thanks for all the special moments Jeri. You weren't there of course, but hey.
+Richard Sparks  of course dude, I'd rather see the machinations of an all consuming hivemind rather than the ones that set his lips in motion ;)
"This is where I am Björn"  :D

(a joke for old tennis fans)
This post, without a doubt, wins the internet.
yah turn watever posible way..
Go through, never know what lies ahead.... 
hi.. dont go dead end it might b risky here in boracay philippines no dead end!
Well, of course it wasn't for you, 7...
 Kissing may not spread germs, but they certainly lower resistance.
Jeri, It's never a dsead end!!!
Is it the corner of Borg Road and Cargo Bay 2 Lane?  Thanks for Seven!
OK, "The Dead End" but its nice GREEN !! OO Its the Paradise?? ^^
looks like a graveyard
Jeri....Well guys that how much time you have. YOU have, not me
Either there's a really dangerous enemy down that road, or a great Swedish Tennis player ;-)
But don't be so sure, wish they will bring those post voyager book to big screen.
oooh so thats where you get those fancy eye laser thingy's !!
It's no dead end to you since you are one of the few who escaped the  collective! :)
A man dies ... only a few circles in the water prove that he was ever there. And even they quickly disappear. And when they're gone, he's forgotten, without a trace, as if he'd never even existed. And that's all.

When one road ends, reversing the car is the only way.
If u smile u look beautiful
Sekar M
hai ryan.....
well lets say follow the sign
Resistance is futile! I must see if it is true!
Look out,or someone will assimalate you...
You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. We are Borg.
Your were my favorite of that series.
So, in other words, this is a transwarp conduit with no exiting apertures. I sure miss my weekly Star Trek fix. At least there's Netflix.
Lemme guess, the folks who live there are assimilated.

Futile, I know.
It was a dead end for Voyager and classic star trek, writing wise. xD
Parallel parking is irrelevant. You will be towed.
im looking for the zombeez looks like a reel dead-end jeri
Come to think of it ... Isn't that supposed to stand in front of that transwarp conduit to Alpha Quadrant?
What Jeri is not saying is the road next to it is called Tallaxian Drive,
Must go Resistance is Futile. LOL!!!!!!
I had much fun laughing at this
Oh My Gosh, so excellent, AWESOME

I love it, so funny, I want live in this road.

I can't stop to smile, it's just INCROYABLE =D.

Thanks +Jeri Ryan, my day will be so great now

I love it I love it I love it !!!!!

I'm sure many a nerd boy came to life watching you on Voyager, if you get me.
I didn't realise they named streets after famous tennis players! ;-)
Funny! did u move to this block? Lol
I wondered how long it would take to get a response from you. What is it they say about resistance? - lol
Brian G
where the temperature is always a steady 39.1°C
woo ow!! dead end not a threat bang.
I can't resist going down there. It's futile. ;0)
nice road sign... but its futile...
Kewl sign ... And you are right definitely not a dead end ...:>)
Nothig to be serious ...........
Hmmm....I'm trying to resist laughing at the road sign, but it's awesome. The cars that drive on that street must all be cube-shaped.
Feels so weird. Like having actual Seven of Nine on Google+.
Borg rd, it must be a dead end if the Borg Queen assimalated(sp?) all life there (star trek)
Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.
Lol.  Awesome...Totally awesome.
I also can't understand this ? :(
Well, well, well... They were in some place, finally.
Hah! Nice find.
+Jeri Ryan, you could turn it around and think of it as "Dead End" for other civilizations and species that came to contact with the Borg ;)
Assimilated end!  No offense, Jeri, but if there are Borg at the end of that street, as I strongly suspect, I'm going to resist them, no matter how "futile" they think that is!
Awesome! Did you come across this or was it sent to you?  
Mike M
The Borg have arrived. Forget the children! Save yourselves!
Does this place really exists? Or is this photoshooped?
I wonder if resisting the urge to turn down Borg Rd. is futile. Anybody?
It's a trap. You will be assimilated. :)
Jeri is obviously still drawn to join with the collective.
do not resist, great find :)
Someone needs to put a little sign underneath that says "resistance is futile"
Cool. I like the tree and the grass in the background. Looks like a nice neighborhood.
But I would stay off Borg Rd just to be on the safe side. Lol
Lord, please help us to recognize sin in our lives, so that we can be fully reconciled with you. May we have an encounter with Christ that will cause the scales to fall from our eyes and help us to see the world clearly. We pray in Jesus' name. Amen.
The fact that you could survive that suit speaks volumes. You are a talented lady and by the looks of your post quite witty too!
Please tell me you took this picture yourself.
looks like they are here lol
Hasn't it taken control of neighboring streets yet?
+Jeri Ryan Do you miss portraying a certified borg more than you miss portraying a humanized borg?
mike m
Very clever
Borg Road: A place where the Borg block the only path out.
Basically, it's a trap, as a process of assimulating people.
A cybernetic spider web, of sorts.
So, is this a gated commuity? "Welcome to Unimatrix-Zero. A Nice Place to Live" Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;-)
Resistance is futile. You will be one with the collective.
The tree is awesome...can I have it??
topic still going on LOL
Outstanding ... I picture truly is worth a thousand words :) 
JP Lang
There is a Borg "Lane" in Washington State - according to Google Maps in my iDevice.
Brilliant Jeri, your appear
ances on Voyager & Shark alongside this, shows what a versatile actress you are. Keep it coming girl! ! ;-)
Anda worst! Don't even think in not go that way because resistance is futile. XD
I Would say they did not take into consideraction your being within 200 yards! This obviously moves the area up market !
Jim Lee
well they love seven of nine:)
You see??? Truth and reality really ARE stranger than fiction. OBTW - There is a street in Pensacola called Dead End Road, close to where my sister lives.
It could be worse. All your base could belong to them.
Hallo What are you doing now ? I'M Mr Ronny from Indonesia
Looking to control environmental polution
DOH! Assimilated some bad genes! But the Borg can time travel so MULLIGAN! :D
We are dyslexic of borg. Your ass will be laminated.
Assimilation Ave should be near by, I knew I should have taken a left turn in Albuquerque.
Is that Patrick Stewart's address?
You are a mega babe Jeri :-) (sorry, that was not polite) My trekkie friends and I would talk about you all the time
Wait! Jeri, did you just give a hint on something...?!?! Teaser?
I wasn't going to comment, but resistance is futile...
Isn't that where the Apple headquarters is located?
resistance is futile you will be esimulatied your technological and biological distinctiveness will be added to are own
I couldn't resist either. I don't think that its as much of a dead end as they are trying to make certain people believe!
Resistance is futile your roads will be assimulated
Leave it to a borg to find the mothership.
I am Borg, everyone else is at a dead end... Smile..
The Collective knows no End! Especially, a DEAD one! :) 
Thanks, +Jeri Ryan!!!
almost as good as my "Seven of Nine arrested on drug charges" but pretty good
Is good that you can still see something ahead.
Now all we need is a picture of Liz Windsor on that street, and we'll have a real live Borg Queen.
Like good tank's for sare
Would be bazar to come upon a bunch of borgs wandering done the lane, or maybe the houses are all cubic? Maybe a borg barbecue?
Really loved your role on Star Trek; it's been like forever!!!
for an ex borg, I wish that road is at your place, since there is only one sexi borg.

Is that ur pic? Really its beautiful
Is that ur pic? Really its beautiful
right, some idiot put that sign up
Last.... Sorry, couldn't resist.
Edit: That's strange. I was 500. Guess some got deleted.
500! - I'm going to get on Netflix right now for my very own Voyager marathon!  I, along with many many other nerds miss the whole gang.
did you enjoy playing seven big fan of voyager
kor to rasi gražiau kap Lietuvuo, nuors i pas Jūsa gražę kap matau
hope you and yours are enjoying the season, Jeri!
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