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HAPPY EASTER, sweet Plussers!
Crazy-busy day today putting together the easter baskets, filling easter eggs for the egg hunt, and shopping/prepping with +Christophe Eme for tomorrow's brunch! Plus, my daughter's new swingset/playhouse was installed today, so trying to pry her away from that this evening was no small task! ;-)
Hope you're all enjoying your families this holiday weekend!
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Happy Easter to you and your family :-)
Happy Easter From Pakistan!
Happy Easter / Rex Manning Day to you as well!!! I hope that it's extra fantastic! :D
Happy Easter to you as well ;)
Happy Easter to you too, Jeri. Hope you and your family have a marvelous time... Greetings from Germany. :)
Happy Easter Jeri - All the way from the U.S. Military Families serving in beautiful Japan!!
A pasar un gran dia en familia, felices pascuas... y el conejito donde esta?.... :-))
Miss jeri:

Can you tell me about EASTER, Why celebrate this occasion ??

In which remembrance ??

Your reply is highly appreciated.
I just got done fixing Easter baskets. :) Happy Easter to you too- Hope you have a GREAT one!!
I wish that they may wish to see it with family can also enjoy the full, and have fun with their little pea
You do not remember the stunning Seven of Nine from Voyager?
Feliz dia de pascuas señora Ryan...:) (Happy Easter Ms Ryan)...
yes u to enjoy ur kids they grow fast.
happy easter from algeria
Frohe Ostern (happy easter) from Germany
Happy Easter from Indonesian :)
Happy Easter to you and yours from Ireland
Happy Easter from Bedworth!
Happy Easter everyone from Brooklyn New York!!!
happy easter frm Hippies heaven Kathmandu!!!
u c u have people from all over the world wanting to b ur friend. for a star that is a very good thing.
this might make u smile, not that it is not good but u look sad.
I'm gonna sound like a repost, but happy holidays to you too
A Happy Easter to you and yours Jeri :)
hi jeri i love you you r very buty i like you
I have seen u smile as 7 of 9 very bcoming!
happy eastern and lot of fun to find the eggs .:-)))))
Happy Hoppy Easter Jeri & family!
+Peter G. Sturgis Actually Easter is a celebration of the germanic goddess Eostre, which was then taken and retooled to fit a new belief system, much like Christmas. Or we can go with the Jesus thing.

But whatever your reason for celebrating, I hope everyone has a great holiday!!
Happy Eastern to you and your family
Happy Easter Jeri. I would be interested to know how your brunch goes. I work in a Casino and we are trying an Easter dinner buffett rather than a brunch. It seems everyone in town is doing brunch. In our area the biggest brunch days are Mother's Day, Valentines Day then Easter. I am waiting to see how many show up for the dinner!!!
happy easter
have joy play with friends and family enjoynur selvevs
เช่นกัน ฉันมีความสุขกับครอบครัวของฉัน
HEY JERI! Happy Easter! What do you have plans for the future in your career? Haven't seen too much of you in the news. Wishing you much happiness.

Happy Easter you too and spread the love to the entiere world
Steve R
Happy Easter! Remembering the reason for the season - Jesus Christ is risen!!! :-)
Happy Easter to you and your family :)
Happy Easter Jeri! Thanks for sharing!
Happy Easter Jeri. Always look forward to your posts, especially the pics. ;)
Have a great Easter with the kiddos Jeri!
just do not forget the true meaning of Easter.
I miss having someone hiding chocolate goodies for me to find and eat. Sadly the easter bunny doesn't give goodies to grown ups :( - not even ones who are still children at heart.
We certainly are. We get to meet my son's new girlfriend in person today. She seems very sweet. Got the Easter bags done and getting ready to make a big family dinner.
Happy Easter to you and your Family also............
Happy Easter to you and yours!!! Just finished lunch with the family, in need of a walk around the block now ~_~
Happy easter to you and the family.
Have a good Easter, and watch the peeps.
Happy Easter and good luck prying you're daughter away from the new playhouse. You might as well serve dinner in there. Been there done that.
did u get a cat yet i have a 6 month kitten i got her in december for my b day
Question....watching right now your show...episode about the you die in this????
er... the show would have to end there...:)
Happy Easter to you and your family Ms. Ryan or as Seven of Nine would say "The idea of Easter celebrations is appropriate" :)
nice friend this photo
Happy Easter to u as well
And a happy Easter to you to Jeri!
Happy Easter!~ :)
(you can let her on the swing set now... :p )
Easter is the day of resurrection, you have wonderful days, but not so for everyone. Maybe have a friend who had a gray Easter holiday, because of many problems in his life. You are the luckiest person in the moment. I congratulate you happy with your family.
who are you ? You look quite old. Do you appear on television ?
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