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In other news, HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY for the updated G+ iphone app!!!
FINALLY a really usable, really beautiful way to stay in touch with all of you when I'm not at my computer at home (which is the only way I used it before)!
SO nice to finally be able to post pics from my phone! So fair warning: I might be hanging around here a lot more... ;-)
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I don't think anyone will mind, Ms. Ryan. :-)
You say that last bit like it's a bad thing. :D
say it isn't so Jeri
our prayers have been answered
thanks for sharing
That's just great, but where's the Android app?? That's still pretty bad :-(
I'm pretty sure nobody will mind if you're around more.
Welp, there goes the neighborhood. Used to be, a person could hang around G+ in old boxers. Now, they expect a tie and boxers.
Hanging around here more? You say that like its a bad thing JLR :)
+Jeri Ryan a bit jealous that the iOS folk got it first... but "YAY" for you!

+Stefan Suurmeijer According to +Vic Gundotra, "Expect this to show up on Android in the next few weeks (with a few additional surprises)."
Good! And have a safe flight to the land of fish and chips with warm beer :) and stay away from lightning strikes!!!
Jeez... I really have to download this thing... Everybody is talking about it.
Nice Glad you like it :) and I for one will look forward to manny more pics from you hmmmmm pehaps the Horse Riding adventures :)

Oh before I forget how about some pics of your London trip if you don't mind ? :)
What JLR posts to twitter and posts to her plussers are quite varied, you may miss out if you stop one

(mostly on cute, I've not seen the same cute on plus that I've seen on twitter)
+Lance Benton No... don't stop following her twitter! +Jeri Ryan is very good at providing different content/experiences on both. She's awesome like that.
Thank you, I didn't even know. Since they have it for the iPhone, I'll check to see if they have it for the iPad. I really need to learn more about G+. Take care, ; )
Indeed, now I wish G+ on my Mac would look and feel as good on my iPhone.
Also, JLR is not on facebook so keep reporting the fakes you see on there as impersonators!
This is the best feature of the new version of the app. More +Jeri Ryan. They should include that in the app release notes.
Kevin F
Very nice... I use android but saw that new G+ UI for the iphone app and it looks absolutely great... Waiting for the android app to catch up.
Yes! It really is an amazing improvement.
+Jeri Ryan bring on the hangouts. Would love to hangout with you soon and talk about Body of Proof. :)
Are you threatening us with a good time ? ;) Does this mean you can do hangouts from your phone as well ?
Jeri actually could stay a hangout from her phone but doubtful!
Please. By all means, do come in more often.
More of you is never a bad thing Jeri! I love G+ for the difference it brings to social networking, and am loving that some of my favourite people are on it :)
cough buy a droid. They get all things Google first since Google makes the Android OS
+Kim Beasley and +Jeri Ryan
Please do bring on some hang outs. It would be awesome to hang out with a real love TV star. No joke. It'd be awesome
Well the Android app has always been pretty nice, but yes, I've seen another comment on Twitter about how nice the update has been for the iPhone app. All good.
Don L
You're always welcome - even if it's with an iPhone. :-)
How is it that the iPhone app for +Google+ is better than the Android app?
Awesome...but isn't G+ on an iPhone a technological oxymoron. 8-)
The android app is excellent. Hopefully, they put the same time and effort into the iPhone app.
You have the best, BEST Star Trek character name.....For the record. :)
Can't wit to see the results of this new access. Have fun with it.
Oh no more Jeri, oh wait this is why I follow you. Ok oh great more Jeri this is great ;-)
I was hoping Jeri was a droid girl. /sadface.
iphone boooooo!!!!!!! android yeh!!!!!!!!!
allways good to here from you
<sarcasm>Oh no, more +Jeri Ryan whatever shall we do?</sarcasm> That's awesome btw Jeri :-)
hello beautiful when is your next movie
Fair enough Jeri. It's ok. We love you anyway. <3
well then they make a lot more time, we look forward to it :-)
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iPhone, well that's your problem right there! =D
Well, are you trying to intimidate us? Because It's not working.. :D
@ABC_Publicity just tweeted Body of Proof has been renewed!! :-)
Congratulations on Body of Proof being picked up for another season! Definitely exciting news!!
Just heard the BOP renewal. Nice news to end a week. :)
Awesome, I know I'll be reading it! Keep posting stuff please! :D xoxo
U need to get an android phone! The integration with G+ and all other Google services is great! Google (and by extension Android) make the world a better place :)
GOOGLE ROCKS!!!! Thanks you guys... you made our world a lot better and easier. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! :)
U are my favorite actress so beautiful 
Ladies and gentlemen, PLEASE........ this is a public domain; therefore - say the right thing..., and DO the right thing!!!! YOU all know... what that is! Thank you.
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