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Here's a little peek at what's in store for my character this season on Body of Proof:
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+Jeri Ryan woot! can't wait!  there should be a viewing party hangout for the premier of Body of Proof!
Oooo!  Kate's gonna get her groove on!  LOL!
How do you feel about Kate going into politics?
Should we read this?   I'm not for spoilers, I'll wait. :)
Haven't had the pleasure of watching this, yet.
That's a good new. Happy for you character +Jeri Ryan.

Kate in a new romance, can't wait to see that. And do you know who will play this Lucky man?!?

Anyway, so glad, I'm so impatient

Have a good day

can not wait to see Kate in her new relationship to =D
Awesome! I think you need more camera time. Even if +Dana Delany   is awesome you should have a more prominent role from what you already have! =)
And do they get input from YOU about who you'd like to play this D.A.? Just a simple list of possibles.  Hey, you're the one who's going to have to be upclose and personal.  You should have a finger in it.  At least, that's what I think. :)
And just when you thought horseback riding was going to be one of the more interesting things to happen this year. ;-)
By the words in the hyperlink, for a second there, I thought your character was jumping ship for Supernatural.
Again I get the feeling that, concerning TV-Shows, here in Germany we are way behind.
Megan just found out that her Ex-Husband was dating Kate, but judging from that article, this already seems history in the US.
+Gary Calpo Well I guess it's not months or even years ;-)
I also admit I'm not that much into sports.
Holly B
Is this new love interest being played by Mark Valley since he is joining the show?
I love the show Jerry, I like all everyone in the show but there one character that seem out of place. Keep up the good work by the way your grapes looked very good. I may need some tips from you...
Excellent ! More focus on you this season ... you own that show anyway!  :~)
Awsome but pleeeeas tell Dana to get that smirk off her face. She is not in 8th grade anymore. Uugg
That's terrific. Sounds like a lot of fun.
cool cant wait to see ur awsome girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Erik Ammerlaan Not yet, unfortunately. Looks like they want to hold us until they finish out the 13 eps of "Private Practice", then pair us with "DWTS" again. Although if new shows fail, plans could change.
Is your show still considered to be in the top 5?
Very cool but remember your life is with your husband and children.  Work to live do not live to work.  Paradoxically, keep up the good work. :)
You are definitely a dedicated and hard working actress.  Great Work Ethic!
I first became a smitten fan from your performance on Voyager.  You showed real chops as an actress, dealing with the borg queen.  Nowadays I rarely watch TV, but will have to take the time to see how you have evolved since STV.   ;)
"Jeri Ryan's character will meet District Attorney Dan Russell" " There are "sparks" between them" ahh I can feel the anticipation of the onset of envy ...  lol!  

Jeri, question, do you as an actress have to verbatim memorize your lines,?  Or do you just get the overview and "feel" and plug in most of it?  Always wanted to ask an actor/tress that question? (a serious one like you I mean, not an Alpo commercial actor lol)  

I talked to Seth McFarlane a while back and he has little room for improvision, but still manages to pull it off. His hold back is the animation process, which he has a way of making it work sometimes.   Just curious ;) Don't think Seth counts as an actor, more voice-over comedian.
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