The +Fine Art Critiques page is for artists who would like advice on their work from other members and for those who are happy to provide this advice.

To join click on this link +Fine Art Critiques and add our page to your circles.

We will add you to our circle of members and then share that circle with you and existing members.

EXISTING MEMBERS - I am splitting the Circle into small Circles each of less than 100. This is messy but Google won’t let you ‘Notify’ people if a Circle is more than 100 and we have 155 members. Its really important that you select the ‘Notify’ option when posting to the Group, otherwise members are likely to miss your post.

So can you Add each of the Fine Art Critique Circles when you receive notification of an update

We don't have a lot of art to critique so when you recover from NYE share your latest work or perhaps some old work for us to look at. We would love to see it.

Can you SHARE THIS POST with your extended circles it would help us to get more members.

When you want some advice on a painting just post it to the Circle and/or add a hash tag #FineArtCritiquesPls or #FineArtCritique.

Please use the ‘Notify’ option when posting to draw peoples attention to your post. To get the notify option to appear you need to hover over the name of the circle you are sharing with.

We keep a blog of all critiques at so that you can easily look back at your old critiques.

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