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I really wish the Google + Circles page was laid out left to right instead of top to bottom. (see wireframe below)

It would make it much easier to sort between multiple circles.
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me too!!!! I think they avoided that layout because it looks more like Facebook, but man it would be so much better.
I'm not sure I understand how this is better. The same amount of circles are shown, so what "would make it much easier to sort between multiple circles"?
Regardless, the field for those in the Circles (now on the left in your model) will also require a scroll bar. I'd suspect that having to have a horizontal scroll bar for this field has a lower usability than the way it's currently set up.

What I'd suggest given that Circles are folders is to enable Circles within Circles -- subcircles if you will.
I wish that if you click on a circle... and it shows the rectangular popout showing the people in that circle... that you could just select people in that box, then start dragging them directly from the popout... once you begin the drag, the popout should hide, and now you can finish the drag to the appropriate circle.

As it stands now, you have to click the "View circle in tab" link which just seems like an extra unnecessary step.
No matter what the layout Ctrl +/- is useful - especially if you have a lot of circles.
Love it! Now if only someone could only fix all the endless scrolling - which has pretty much wasted my right shoulder
This would be so much easier for those of us who use laptops.
Plus it is much easier to drag across than it is to drag downward.
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