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"If Google has a sense of humor and wants to raise some blood pressure readings, it'll deploy a fleet of Google Fiber vans to various cities of various sizes. I can just imagine Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, and Time Warner each with a war room containing a big map of the United States on the wall showing dots where Google Fiber vans have been spotted, with executives desperately trying to figure out where the next attack will occur. Maybe it will eventually dawn on them that the only way to fight the scourge of cheap, fast broadband is to provide it themselves."

That would be, like, the greatest thing to happen to "broadband" in this country in about 15 years...
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I called Verison FiOS because I'd been pretty happy with them for 2 years and figured it was time to see what their bandwidth options were.  They said my package was no longer offered but I was grandfathered in.  She highly recommended I switch to their standard plan, which was $15 more per month and gave me less bandwidth.  I could also get more bandwidth for a LOT more money.... but it was asymmetrical.

I asked her "shouldn't the price of bandwidth go down each year?"

She had no answer.

I asked, "Why don't you give me the same rate that all of Kansas City gets for 20M symmetrical?"  What's that? "Well, Google Fiber is offering that for $300 one-time fee covers me for 7 years".

She said, "I don't think Google offers internet service."
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