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Jeremy Wong
Writer, Gamer, Student of History
Writer, Gamer, Student of History

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Did you guys ever get the playbooks for the Eberron setting done? 

I'm thinking of drawing out the Darkening of Mirkwood by another generation. I do this because some of my players already had lots of fun with game called "Pendragon" so they have some understanding of old characters.

Anyway, any good homebrew rules or tips for multigenerational dynasties or families? 

I've been playing for a while (operating primarily out of Tremont) but I've never done much social ingression. I'd like to know if there's a location in the city I should check out; aside from Coventry and Ohio City, where are the densest clusters of portals?

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Closing in on the end of an utterly fantastic Mutant City Blues game. Thanks for all the memories, MCB. I hope you get another season. 

I had the rare opportunity to meet Simon Rogers and Kenneth Hite at Origins this weekend! It was a real pleasure.

Looking back at the beauty that was Eternal Lies, I notice it's the first RPG I've seen that has the 'three things' tacked on to every NPC stat block. It's simple, elegant, and insanely useful. I'm curious if it'll show up again in PP products? 

I'm running "Cell Division," one of the adventures from "Mutant City Blues."

I'm looking (for lack of a better term) to 'pad out' the adventure a little longer. They've already finished the big attack at the beginning; I'm interested in finding some encounters (either non-combat or combat-oriented) to give them some chances to rub elbows with the FBI and maybe deal with a few more super-powered racial warriors. 
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