Here, have a monster making cheat sheet.

I was just listening to Discern Realities #28, in which +Jason Cordova and +David LaFreniere talked briefly about making up hit points and damage for monsters on the fly, and that while you get better at it, it's not something you usually want to stop the action for.

I made this after my first couple DW games, because I realized that the monster-making questionnaire (and the DW Codex) weren't very quick. The way the questionnaire is set up, you end up having to make the whole monster and then parse out the tags and the moves from the stats and their modifiers. I was finding I didn't need the tags and moves to run a monster on the fly, but I did want the HP and damage to be accurate.

This sheet generates monsters with the same stats as the standard DW questionnaire, but lets you quickly get the HP and attack info. Like, maybe 15 seconds once you get used to it? It's become my main "always have printed out" resource.

Hope you like it!
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