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Jeremy Spiller
Web marketing, training, speaking and consultancy. Family chap.
Web marketing, training, speaking and consultancy. Family chap.

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Tip of the Day; if you have a conference call or webinar be fully ready 10 minutes before it starts. All the logins and ids, passwords and ensuring you have a decent line with no echo, not to mention making sure you have access to all the necessary documents will easily take up that cushion time.

Now that video conference calls are becoming more common, it's worth knowing about what the benefits are of the various options and how they work eg Lync, GoToMeeting, Skype and Huddle.

And before you do jump in your car, jump on an aeroplane, think about whether you can achieve all you need to with video conference calls.

Face to face is very valuable video conferencing can be hugely useful and valuable as well, saves money and resources and once set up is very easy to do. As the energy resources of the globe continue to get used up and traffic, trains and airlines all become more crowded and expensive in twenty years we'll consider all unnecessary travel unwise, if not sooner.

Note to all Governments of the World. Sort out your internet Broadband connections so they work properly. Even if you've handed the contracts to the Presidents' Brother in Law or some other similar arrangement it still has to all work properly. You're not doing yourself any favours by lousy Broadband access and it's stifling economic growth and business. Please share.

Recently the school which my daughters attend have announced that it's going to become an Academy. I can't help noticing the worryingly vague wording on the Dept of Education web page about Ofsted Inspections for Academies which is as follows.

'Other than outstanding schools which convert to academies, we expect that other academies will continue to be inspected in the normal way.'

Notice the word 'expect'. This is far from certain and my suspicion is that they know something we don't or aren't telling us the whole truth. Ofsted inspections cost the Government a lot of money and I can hear the politicians now talking about 'reducing budgets through efficient self policing' so we can put the money where it's needed (which we all know is a euphemism for 'nowhere').

I wonder whether it's all a very clever process to get the non-performing schools out of the Ofsted rigour and is all very worrying.

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Isn't this a great sight? Our lovely planet, completely intact, taken a few hours ago as a new day began: Dec. 22, 2012. Courtesy of NOAA's GOES 15 satellite over the Pacific Ocean.

Almost forgot :) The value of a community is of course its members and this one is small at the moment. Of course the size of membership isn't important but the quality of people in the Group and the quality of the conversations in it.

If you have a friend you think will benefit and find this Group useful, please invite them. And if you want to be a Moderator, please step forward. Good Moderation is very valuable as well.  

This Group is here for its members and that's you.

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What are your favourite resources for online marketing knowledge. Please share. One of my favourites is the Advertising Age Top150 Blogs here. A large collection of great blogs on the topic.

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This looks like fun. We've just set this up, (well to be fair our Steve did) and if you're reading this then come along to this Community on G+ and join the conversations.

Welcome to everyone who has joined so far. Looking forward to talking with you here about all things Online Marketing.

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If you like digital marketing this is good.

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