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Anyone catching the fights tonight?
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Rooting for Condit. Since I think this is the first time that Diaz is going to fight someone who can keep up with him in regards to endurance and versatility in offence.
See I'm going Diaz. I really want to see him beat GSP. My thing with Condit is this - who has he fought? Dan Hardy... Don't remember who else. I say Diaz by sub or decision. :)
Yeah that is the scary thing about Condit - is that he has not really fought any "marquee" fighters. But you never know Condit can pull off a Ron Jones upset (vs Rua).
The WEC crew has been pretty good in the UFC.

And while I respect the Diaz brothers' talent, cardio, and drive...Condit is a much more like-able guy. 
Waiting for my lady to get here, then dinner, then I'll be back for the PPV. 
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