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What +Jeremy Hodges said.  Utter idiocy.  

Inspiring guilt for any behavior that makes one stand out from one's peers is one easy way to achieve cultural destruction. It helps no one.  I honestly would have thought this satire or farce if I hadn't read this myself. 
Gelonesi responded online: “This devilish twist of evidence surely leads to a further conclusion that perhaps — in the interests of levelling the playing field — bedtime stories should also be restricted.”

When I use the phrase "pants-on-head retarded," I think this serves as the new benchmark.

I will gladly give my children an unfair advantage in the world.

Via: +Benoit Flippen.
THE ABC has questioned whether parents should read to their children before bedtime, claiming it could give your kids an “unfair advantage” over less fortunate children.
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William Tenn wrote satirical fiction in opposition to this attitude back in the 1950s or 1960s.
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So sad to see something like this in decline. 
Steampunk Tendencies originally shared:
Abandonned Victorian Conservatory, France. 
Photographer: Quentin Chabrot U-derzho

👉 Check out our community :
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But children taken by strangers or slight acquaintances represent only one-hundredth of 1 percent of all missing children. The last comprehensive study estimated that the number was 115 in a year.

Far more common are children who have run away, have gotten lost or injured, have been taken by a family member (usually in a custody dispute) or simply aren’t where they’re expected to be because of a miscommunication. The only scenario more unusual than stereotypical kidnapping is when families falsely report a child as missing to disguise murderous deeds.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to trivialize these tragedies, just provide a little perspective as it seems that the public perception is that this is happening FAR more often than it truly is, and also that the rate is increasing. I know that before digging into this, I would not have guessed the true number of stranger abductions was 115.  I would have added at least one more zero to that. 

The cases in the news distort perceptions.
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That's a very interesting article, despite being US centred. Thank you for giving it some spotlight.
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Awesome. Can't wait to try this.
Via +Ricky Pike
Introducing Google+ Collections, a new way to group your posts by topic

Our happiest Google+ users are those who connect with others around shared interests and passions. So we set out to give people a place to express the things they love. Today, we’re announcing Google+ Collections, a new way to group your posts by topic.

Every collection is a focused set of posts on a particular topic, providing an easy way for you to organize all the things you’re into. Each collection can be shared publicly, privately, or with a custom set of people. Once you create your first collection, your profile will display a new tab where other people can find and follow your collections.

Posts in collections you follow will appear in your Home stream, with a link to easily jump right into the collection so you can get to similar content from that author. Collections give you a great way to find more of the stuff you love from the people you follow.

Collections is available on Android and the web, and iOS is coming later. For Android users, make sure to update your Google+ app to get access to Collections.

For inspiration on interesting topics, check out our Featured Collections page here:

Create your collections today and share what you love.
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So now each g+ user is their own social network
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I just think this quiz didn't know what to do with me so it put me in gryffindor Nick Fury
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I got 30% hawkeye and 21% Black Widow.
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I like a lot of their stuff. This one is my fav. 
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This makes me so happy. I kinda wish I could pull this off. Maybe something to aspire to. 
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Found this on my local craigslist courtesy of a friend.  Seems like it might be a good deal.
Previously (slightly) owned by a navigator of a spice freighter, this vessel has been sitting on my moisture farm and needs to be removed before next year's harvest. I just haven't had time to give...
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ha!  wish I woulda thought of that. 
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"Good morning, afternoon and evening to all of you, this is Captain America reporting for duty as I am just sending out a message through S.H.I.E.L.D. communications at the New Avengers HQ, and I would like to point out to all agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Avengers in training to remain vigilant. HYDRA bases are still numeroua out there and even though what has happened in Sokovia only proves the possibility of more bases as such, we can only remain vigilant and sharp. As always report to Commander Hill, any of your superior officers or even me if you can to alert if threat is live."
"Some of you have been there more than others, and some of you are just fresh off the training course Commander Hill has set up. But no matter who you are. What rank or specialty, we are all a team and as long as we are one, to hell HYDRA will win."
"Also, will Agent 42 please come by Commander Hill's office? She was wondering why you had three men webbed into the locker room... Again."
"As for the Falcon, I'd need to talk to you after specialists training is over."
"To everyone else, keep fighting the good fight, but never forget what the good fight really is."
"This is Captain America, signing off."
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I have been an occasional customer of Metro for many years, but recently had need of a house call. They always go out of their way to help me in the store (or over the phone) to diagnose issues or give me advice on parts. This week our dryer 'broke'. It was a stacked unit and I had no idea how to get it apart to fix it. I made an appointment in which the technician was prompt, professional and friendly. He quickly diagnosed the issue, but it required a blower motor, which he did not have on hand, and would require a return trip. The return visit the technician was even early, and had the whole thing fixed almost by the time his appointment had been for and for a very reasonable cost. Very highly recommend them in terms of price and quality of service.
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This review is for the Tree Farm business. We have bought our trees from Kirby's for the last 3 or 4 years. Great experience, good prices, and have had good luck with the trees we've bought. It's a cut-your-own kind of place, which we prefer, and it's one of the few around that still sell Fraser Firs, which are our preferred type of tree. Very reasonable prices. We paid half this year of what it has sometimes cost at other places in the past. Definitely recommend.
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I'm a huge fan of this place. I love the selection of vendors, the public access and involvement, and the commitment from the staff and volunteers to a quality experience all around. Definitely an example of things I really love about this city.
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I've been taking our cars to Albert Auto for 5 years now. In that time, never once have they tried to upsell me to something I didn't need, or exaggerate issues in my car. They have always been prompt, met their time commitments, and often made room for an urgent visit with little/no notice. Chad and the crew are always willing to explain issues, and will give you honest answers on how bad issues might be or might get. I've actually had them recommend against immediately replacing stuff I thought might need to be done. So, if you need an honest mechanic shop that does good work, you should definitely give them a call.
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Quality: ExcellentAppeal: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Great burgers and tavern food. Good service. A little small, atmosphere a little 'sterile' but in good condition. Will definitely go back though. "Breakfast" burger a hit.
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reviewed 9 months ago
We knew we were going to pass through Mt. Pleasant and needed a place to eat. After looking at reviews and menus online, we narrowed our list to this and one other place. We chose this one and are SO glad we did. The service was great and the food was outstanding. We had a large party (nine, mix of adults and kids) and they were accommodating to us and very family-friendly atmosphere. Lots of choices on the menu and everything was very good. As others have said, the queso dip with the chips was great and the atmosphere was very clean and bright. My wife ordered the Gorditas which were 'cute' in her words and very yummy. I ordered the "Carnitas Gary" and honestly don't think I've ever had a better meal at a mexican restaurant EVER. The pico de gallo was also amazing - fresh and had avocados, which was a very nice touch. Overall, I highly recommend it and the next time we pass this way, we will be sure to stop again.
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We took a pit stop here on a trip recently. We were very impressed by all this place had to offer. Lots of information about the area, and had some great activities for the kids while we took a little pit stop. There's a little 'mine' obstacle course (for like 2-5 year old), local geography/history and even a one full 2-story wall that contains an animated model of the Mollie Kathleen mine complete with animated mine lift, workers, etc. Breathtaking views of the Rockies outside too. We just needed a short break, but believe it or not, when we go back, we might plan a special trip just to go back to this place.
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