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Jeremy Schooley
Family Man, Law Firm Marketer, that order!
Family Man, Law Firm Marketer, that order!

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Great post! I think many of the talking points apply to social as well. I think its because your dealing directly with actual people. Issues of race and politics are always a hot button in both digital & real life social activity.

Thanks for writing and thanks for sharing +Above the Law 

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Great post. Does your website's contact page follow these guidelines?

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Hey guys! I'm sure we've all felt the frustration after slaving away on a killer piece of content, only for it to languish with barely any visitors. 

Back links are still an important way to break open the floodgate of traffic to your content. However most methods to get them no longer work. Here are 5 still effective ways to naturally acquire a backlink from a high authority site. Includes email templates for making each ask. #seo #linkbuilding

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Chrome to start auto censoring flash content Sept 1st.

Oh hooray, now Chrome can be almost as annoying as Firefox when browsing flash heavy sites.

In related faux news, Microsoft one upped the announcement by announcing Windows 10 would start self destructing automatically by the end of August whenever it was connected to any service or site not Microsoft security approved. A spokesman was misquoted as saying "This is the kind of security our customers have come to expect from Microsoft."

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Wojcicki Says 50% Of YouTube’s Traffic Now Coming From Mobile - and why you should care.

During this week’s Code/Mobile Conference in Half Bay Moon, California, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki confirmed half of YouTube’s traffic was coming from mobile phone and tablet devices. reported on Wojcicki’s Code/Mobile presentation, noting her comments on the importance of mobile, along with remarks that YouTube is exploring a new ad-free subscription service (

So why should you care?

Assume that roughly half of your YouTube audience watches your videos on mobile devices.

Assuming your videos have a call-to-action built in (check out my full review, join my email list, read more on my blog), your viewers will be clicking over to your website.

What will they see? A mobile friendly site? Or an unreadable mobile mess?

Did you hear that Facebook Wants to Host Linked Articles Rather Than Redirect Users to Mobile Websites because it doesn't want to redirect traffic to non-mobile friendly sites (among other things)?

Have you noticed how much stress Google has been putting on mobile user experience/rankings lately?

So much so that they have added Mobile Usability Errors to Webmaster Tools

Your audience is going mobile. It's here. Are you ready?

Start now - read this excellent post by +Greg Hickman at +Jon Morrow's And tell him I said Hi!

#mobilemarketing   #mobiletraffic  

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The Google My Business app gains some new features, including the ability to know when someone has posted a review about your business and be able to respond right from your phone.

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#WebmasterNews : update to our technical Webmaster Guidelines

Today we're updating our guidelines to specify that you should allow Googlebot access to the JavaScript, CSS and image files used by your pages.

We recently announced that Google indexing system renders webpages more like a typical modern browser with CSS and JavaScript turned on. Because of this, disallowing crawling of JavaScript or CSS files in your site’s robots.txt directly harms how well our algorithms render and index your content and can result in suboptimal rankings.

Take a look at the updated Webmaster Guidelines:

Read more about the updates over on our blog:

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Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Phillips Disaster, a series of explosions and fire that killed 23 people and injured 314 in Pasadena, Texas.
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