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*site under development and not my own project
Google recomposed the snippet title from the page title: <title>Minneapolis Flat Fee MLS | Minneapolis For Sale By Owner | Minneapolis FSBO Broker</title>
I find it more relevant than the actual title of the page, keeping in mind the search keyword of course. Maybe, if you search for other keywords in Google, you might find a different snippet title.
Maybe new page and they changed the page title recently?
Nope, Google recently conducted an algorithm update that allows them to change how titles appear in SERPs. Will find the link to the update for you......
I have seen the self same thing taking place with sites I am working on. Notable: if your title tag is within the character limits and is not spammy/redundant sounding, Google will usually listen to it. If the title tag is too long/awkward/looks crappy, they often change it. 
Hi +AnnMarie Knutson would love to see more studies on character limit for title tags since I've performed several tests over the years and it has varied over time.
Do you have any articles or resources on character limit for title tags?
I'm beat. I'm guessing it Could be a past used title tag or description. Or, There might be a site 301'ing to it, with that title. I am interested in the answer.
I've seen Google give the Title Tag solely based on an  exact match anchor text from a link that I got from an authority page that didn't have those keywords on the page... but like I said they keep changing it up
I've noticed random page titles for brand search queries displaying as 'Welcome to [brand]' recently as well. Only affecting a small minority of brand searches from what I could tell though. I hadn't seen noticed this before last week.
If you run across any really bad replacement titles, I'd love to hear about the URL, title, and why it's bad. Feel free to send them to me directly (I'll generally just forward them to the team, I probably won't be able to respond directly).
Hi +Jeremy Rivera 
It looks like the page contains a fragment of the title from the home page of the site.

Original Title:
Minneapolis Flat Fee MLS | Minneapolis For Sale By Owner | Minneapolis FSBO Broker

Rewritten Title:
Minneapolis - FSBO Flat Fee MLS Listings

Home Page Title:
For Sale By Owner | The MLS To Go | FSBO Flat Fee MLS Listings | Sell By Owner MLS

The "Minneapolis - " part is likely singled out from a variety of signals such as anchor text here: http://themlstogo.com/minnesota-flat-fee-mls.php, the title of the page and occurrence of the term in the text.

Here are two test cases from last year:
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