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Definitely learned a lot putting together this post for +Buy Your First. #creditrepair #buyyourfirst
Credit Improvement: The Key to Buying Your First Home
If you are thinking about purchasing a home which many people are again now that people are getting jobs and the economy has picked up steam, one of the biggest portions of this is having credit to do so. The rate you pay depending on the type of loan can be affected by credit score.+ Read More
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Jeremy Rivera

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First Time Buyer Programs & Resources
I've partnered up with a couple of expert loan guys and put together a resource site for first time home buyers. Thinking of buying a home? Here's info on pre-qualification, what programs are available and useful infographics too. 
If you are a Realtor or know one... Contact me! We're looking for knowledgeable Realtors to feature on our site!
Our mission is to provide first time home buyers with all the info, resources, tools and providers they need to buy a their first home.
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Jeremy Rivera

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First Time Home Buyer Resources & Infographics
Looking for details on first time buyer programs? Want to avoid regrettable decisions when buying your first home? Well,'s the resource website for you!  
Our mission is to provide first time home buyers with all the info, resources, tools and providers they need to buy a their first home.
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Jeremy Rivera

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Comin straight outta #mozcon  - my interview with +Ian Lurie (finally)
Ian Lurie of Portent, Inc. chats with Woj Kwasi at MozCon 2015 about copywriting, digital marketing strategy, and random affinities.
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Jeremy Rivera

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Today. Today is the day that you can be free. Free from the lies. The false data. Fix your referral spam problems once and for all!
GA referral spam, your Google Analytics just stepped in's how to scrape the gum off your data with a free, easy tool.
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Jeremy Rivera

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Local SEO brain teaser

 - so these guys do a paddleboard tour - people meet at a park in downtown, get shuttled up river and float back to where they started. 
They don't have a waterfront store/location. 
-So they chose a "service area" for their G+ page. 

Their only competiton actually is on a lake 10 miles away (still tech nashville) but they get a huge Business listing on serp  with map.

Nashville paddleboard  
is query btw

So they have a house where they store the boards... it's 3 miles from the water. 

They have 0 citations of their business - (Trip advisor locates them at the park) 


Do they leave it as a "service area" and just use address to get citations for the value of just the site links and work on non-local SEO 7 links to improve rankings  

Do they claim their house as location (put out a sign in front of their house where they also park the boards at night) and deal with the occasional lost soul who gets directions from SERP instead of the booked tour email/site so they can hope to compete locally?
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Yea. It sucks that there's no option for this type of business, but I also understand why Google would have a hard time with that. 

I recommended we go with Service area, and focus on fixing his site & doing some content/link building.
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Jeremy Rivera

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You'd think I'd forgotten how to write a blog post. It's been 6 months. Wow! 

5-Minute Itemref Semantic Markup Tutorial
Ever struggle with marking up all your on-page data? Learn how to use itemref to link disparate blocks of data together and create an effective SUPER ENTITY!
Have you heard of Itemref? If you're into semantic markup and you haven't, you really need to become familiar with this - it's a game changer.
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Jeremy Rivera

✆ Listings & Maps  - 
Our vacation rental property manager client has a desk at a local real estate office. Currently no Suite # exists... Is the Unique business name & phone number sufficient for it not to be merged eventually or should we add a suite 100 to the address - also is there a valid, "legal" post office way to add that suite 100 or it?
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+Max Minzer even though property management is a different category from real estate, they're closely related and plenty of real estate offices do property management. If that real estate office has done any kind of seo, they just might have property management as a category. I'd try to add the suite if possible.

+Tony Leary Google is almost everything, but not the PO, Amazon beat them to that one :-)
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Jeremy Rivera

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Fight that referral spam... the smart way! With tooooooolllsss. Free tools. Easy tools. Time saving tools. Good lord why isn't Google Analytics fixing this problem for me tools. 
GA referral spam, your Google Analytics just stepped in's how to scrape the gum off your data with a free, easy tool.
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Huge embarrassment imo but, then again, there's so many things wrong with GA that I'm not holding my breath for a solution. It's always nice to have a free tool with so much historical data but there's so many caveats it makes working with it quite unpleasant at times. 
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Jeremy Rivera

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Jeremy Rivera

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Does this Pable Make My Text Look Pixelated?
When I make pablo images by +Buffer for my social media my coworker says they look pixelated. What do you say? Is it the font or are all of these pixelated?
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Looks like all the fonts are pixelated...
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I've never been to an acupuncturist before. Mark was professional, calm and very methodical in his process. He made the whole process stressfree and painless. I definitely would recommend him to ANYONE who is wanting acupuncture done in Nashville.
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This was an awesome way to experience Nashville. I've lived here for 3 years and got a totally different view of the city floating down the river.
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reviewed 7 months ago
I am from California. I don't actually put Mexican in front of it, it's just food. But apparently, Tennessee doesn't actually have it as lucky. I've been to tons of restaurants my friends say is "the best Mexican food" in Nashville. I feel sorry for Nashville. You deserve better than cat-food burritos. You deserve Five points Cocina Mexicana because THEY GET IT RIGHT. You can hear the oompa boompa booming in the kitchen and watch your tortillas be freshmade on a hot stone. Legit. Eat here. It's as close to the border as you're going to get without driving 5 hours.
• • •
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Great quick service. Great decor, excellent presentation and tasty food.
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reviewed a year ago
50 reviews
I needed a duplicate key made but didn't have cash for the 2 item, and their card machine can't charge for less than $6. At first I told the guy I'd be right back with some cash, so he said he'd just cut the key. Bing. Bang. Boom. It's done. Then he says it's on the house. Damn. That's customer service. I wanted to do something nice, so I'm sharing this review. If you need something lock smithy, go here.
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Great social media presence, their team is on the good side of SEO and show their acumen every time I read their content and blog posts.
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Come here every week for happy hour. Good food, good atmosphere
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