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Best News all year...
By CANDICE CHOI, AP Food Industry Writer – 22 hours ago. NEW YORK (AP) — Starbucks is about to perk up "the happiest place on earth." The Seattle-based coffee chain on Monday is announcing a...
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What's good news about anything related to Starbucks? Worst coffee on the market IMO. Since when was coffee meant to be served at 1,000,000 degrees?
That's obviously where we differ.. I enjoy a cup from Starbucks, if its not for you, that's fine.
Yes of course, I'm just saying if you get a coffee from somewhere that knows how to make it, you'll enjoy it all the more. If you get a coffee in italy of france it's barely hot, if you put boiling water through coffee grounds it scorches and degrades the flavour of the beans.
See I have had coffee in europe to include france and I don't prefer it over a cup that has been brewed with water at 195-200 degrees. Even french pressed coffee needs water at that temperature. Again, its all in your cup, however you like it.. I like it extra hot from Starbucks.
I was thinking the same thing about you.. lol anyone from Newcastle... lol
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