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Welcome home nexus 7!
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Oh no. I may have to get off Google+ for today. The Green-eyed monster is starting to win over!

Congrats! Hope you enjoy it.
I love it! haha ofcourse I would ..   and I figured out what the did with the unboxing..

They cut the tape then put the sleeve back on.. because it was very easy to get out all the way for me.. but the I put it all back together and the tape was cut, and I about tore it to pieces getting it back off..
its everything its promised to be.  I've been running a JellyBean rom on my phone for a while, so the JB hype has worn off, and I expect it now from my devices.  But this device is as smooth as a device should be..
Is it small of me to be envious?

It seems to me with this release Android has matured and stabilized, becoming a much more viable option for the general audience.

no need to feel envious.. its just a tablet.. lol  I now have to fnd the time to play with it..
Awwww look, he gots it out of the boxes.  His precious..
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