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Jeremy Pullicino

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RPI release $5 computer. This is getting really good.
The newest Raspberry Pi costs just $5, and is available to buy now. It's free with the December issue of +The MagPi, in UK stores today.
Of all the things we do at Raspberry Pi, driving down the cost of computer hardware remains one of the most important. Even in the developed world, a programmable computer is a luxury item for a lot of people, and every extra dollar that we ask someone to spend decreases the chance that they’ll choose …
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Jeremy Pullicino

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Jeremy Pullicino

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AD-blockers and the free Internet

I installed an advert blocker for some reasons; 1) I am worried about adverts tracking my online activity, 2) I am worried that adverts might introduce security risks (by using flash etc.), 3) I am worried that adverts slow down my browsing.

The problem for free websites is that I have cut off their revenue stream. If everybody installed an ad-blocker, sites like pastebin will not be able to operate anymore.

Pastebin's approach (see screenshot) is quite good. They are asking me to buy a pro account to subsidise my use of ad-blocking. Yahoo mail took a different stance. They will not allow you to access your email until you have removed the ad-blocking software.

My problem is that I do not use pastebin enough to warrant a pro account, so I will not subscribe to them.

What might work for me, would be a subscription to multiple sites for a monthly fee. Would be good if I can pay a small fee to have ad-free browsing on all of the Internet. If that is possible, the sites I use can get funded, and I would not have to use ad-blockers anymore.

Easier said than done, but this might a a model we will see in the future.
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+Franc Schiphorst I use privacy badger, which I think has the same effect as ghostery.
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Jeremy Pullicino

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Am I the only one who does not think that encryption technology is adding to our insecurity?

If you ban one encryption method, another one will be used. The argument that ISIS has turned Kik/twitter/fb/internet into a weapon is not good. ISIS breathe air and drink water. Does that make air and water an ISIS weapon that should be banned? Surely not!

Furthermore, if a terrorist uses Kik, and advertises his Kik handle, catching him would be trivial. Just pretend you are a new recruit, contact the terrorist, arrange to meet somewhere and then arrest him.
ISIS encryption methods and their Canadian connection.

Kik, developed in Waterloo, Ontario.

via +Gillian Shaw
Organized psychopaths easily co-opted and weaponized a social media industry designed for teens and gamers.
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And surely i would have thought that one could track anyone that makes public contact with them on their accounts posts?
That way you could also keep a record of potential recruitees
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Jeremy Pullicino

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Do you like spiders? Go to Tennessee. A large spider web (half a mile long) has appeared with millions of juvenile spiders on it. Spiders everywhere.
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I'd burn the whole state down
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Jeremy Pullicino

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Fascinating! A previously extinct plant brought back to life, and apparently its delicious! Would you try it? I definitely would!
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Thats way cool !
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Jeremy Pullicino

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Scientists managed to transform the heads of worms into heads of another worm species. They took a worm species that easily regenerates and cut off their heads. During the regeneration process, they tweaked the electrical signals being sent from their bodies. The result is that the head grew back, however it was the head (and brain) of another species of worm.

After a few weeks, the worm heads transformed back into their own species.

This kind of study shows that genes are not solely responsible for the expression of cells. Environmental factors can change the way cells form. This has implications into treating birth defects in humans, and influencing the way in which our body heals.

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Jeremy Pullicino

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Ok, so the Daesh has put us on their hit-list (Malta). But what is there to bomb here? Maybe they will kill some of our corrupt politicians? That would be nice.
Malta has been included in what Isis has described as a 'coalition of devils' in a new video threatening the west. The video includes an image with 60 flags, with Malta being the last. A voice on the video, says in English: "We only bow to Allah unless the countless deviant factions raising...
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Jeremy Pullicino

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IKEA high chair, $20.  Arduino board, $30.  Joysticks, buttons, $30.  Smile on the child's face, priceless.
Toronto-based software developer and hardware hacker, Phil Tucker, has hacked an IKEA ANTILOP Highchair so his son can make music while he eats.
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Jeremy Pullicino

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Very good visualizations of data volumes. (if you can call them that!)
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Jeremy Pullicino

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I don't know if I should file this under Science or Humor!
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Jeremy Pullicino

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5 white rhinos standing on the wall, 5 white rhinos standing on the wall, and if one white rhino would accidentally fall, there would be 4 white rhinos standing on the wall...

Sad... I hope someone keeps their DNA so that some day we may clone these huge double-horned beasts.
The three rhinos that remain are too old to breed naturally. Barring a medical miracle, when they die, the subspecies will likely die with them.
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