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Tragic and desperately embarrassing to be British recently, (not the radical young Muslim men thing) :

British Airways had a strong stable electricity supply from the UK National Grid but cut themselves off internally and then reconnected power incorrectly and also failed to have an off-site live redundant hot spare flight booking system ready and working to take over when they destroyed their computers and networks at the primary site! IT Students study this stuff. What is wrong with BA ?

The Grenfell tower fire is wrong in too many ways to mention but fixing flammable plastic foam outside and unshielded gas mains pipes inside a tower block without a building fire alarm, sprinklers, or pressurized (smoke free) stairwell and telling residents not to flee seems stupid to the point of sickness. Mother's eventually were forced to throw their babies out of the windows to be caught below ! The residents apparently already knew that they were living in a deathtrap !

The GBP 250,000 spent on one Jordanian terrorist's legal expenses would have paid for a whole-building fire alarm, non-combustible cladding upgrade (£2 more per square metre) and a fan to over-pressure clean air into the stairwell! Any one of those things would have saved almost everyone, never mind anything as sophisticated as sprinklers

Tech solutions should have been smoke detectors and intelligent alarms, smoke hoods, or, in an emergency: Scorkels, bin bags of fresh air, ropes, drones, Urban Aeronautics Mule, old helicopters with a weighted rope, anything from Thunderbirds puppet shows 40 years ago or even long ladders - sheesh !

Please send us your smart immigrants - we need help!

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Microsoft Skype used to be bad, unreliable, insecure but often still useful and not bad at squeezing video down low bandwidth lines but the new interface is devoted to just - empty whitespace - and all UI controls have been taken away ! How can children be a more important market than businessmen ? Why do people abandon Microsoft Windows to work on tablets and phones ? Skype has worked for 15 years why ruin everything and take away all customisation ? Do they ever listen to their customers ?

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Simple, kind-hearted women amongst psychopathic men can be tragic. Fallen Asian women have the most interesting but saddest stories:

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We found a good use for a drunk Millwall supporter! Incredibly brave!

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10 minutes is too long for any spy movie scene ...

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Oops! The USA is getting cheap gas from clever drilling and cheap electricity from wind turbines and even solar panels and all these are creating huge numbers of new jobs many times more than any perilous coal miners have now. Britain was forced into Brexit by The French and German idealists but Trump is going against America's best interests for no balanced reasons! Even if Trump doesn't give a damn about coal pollution including Mercury and radiation or anything outside the USA, this makes no sense.
Obviously, Trump is not stupid so the really interesting question is who benefits so much that he would do this for them? It can't be the American coal miners because their jobs have been in decline for 100 years already. Even Britain has closed its last deep coal mine. Richard Branson was surprised just how much time Trump spent on getting revenge so maybe no one is actually benefiting and its all just emotions and political theatre? 

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Duh! Cars pollute with Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Oxides, Soot and hydrocarbons. They cause congestion when on the roads even when parked doing nothing except going down in value 95% of the time. They also make their owners fat and can double their chance of heart disease and cancer relative to cyclists but also directly kill pedestrians and other road users! To be fair, Jaguar sports cars are pretty but almost all other cars are simply ugly expensive killers!

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We are still learning about bugs and appetite but this suggests again that Lactobacillus bugs are often helpful even if they are not always good for your teeth. I found a South Korean probiotic (called Lactomin Plus in Vietnam) is the most effective probiotic that I know for happy guts but maybe it helps with weight loss too ? 

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A huge heavy Airbus A380 flew 1000 feet above a private jet and generated such a downwash that the little private jet was smashed around, lost inertial navigation reference, and passengers had broken bones and their plane was written off. Being rich is dangerous!
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