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Jeremy Murphy
Dad, husband, geek. Player of tabletop and computer games.
Dad, husband, geek. Player of tabletop and computer games.

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I've been really enjoying Far Cry Primal. The Far Cry mechanisms for crafting finally make sense in a stone age context, the map is big and interesting and there is a lot to do. Also, mammoths and woolly rhino's are super-dangerous. Like, more dangerous than sabretooth tigers...

Listening to the Audiobook of the new Mark Lawrence book, Red Sister. I didn't really like his previous trilogy, and stopped part way through the second one, but this book.

Damn. So far it's a masterclass in building setting hooks. I can't even count all the interesting things about the world that the book has introduced so far. I'm damn keen on seeing if he can pay off all of this worldbuilding.

Further, he mixes perfect recall narration with an unreliable narrator in such a clean way - it's the best playing with narration I've read since I figured out what Glenn Cook was doing with the Black Company.

Damn fine stuff so far, Mr Lawrence.

So, Breath of the Wild? I'm only about 4-5 hours in and having a HELLUVA good time. I've never encountered a game that does such a good job of setting up systems, then letting you loose in the world to play with them. I can see myself putting a few hundred hours into this game, and that doesn't happen very often for me anymore.

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Ah sweet Hexographer...

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Not QUITE a TPK...
But you could see one from there! I know my players read these, so I'm going to try to avoid campaign spoilers.  But there will be some. Last night the party, currently made up of: Loria the elf Ranger, Arnik the half-elf sorcerer, Merrin the halfling cleri...

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D&D With Kids Part 2: The Gates of Karak Norn
When we left our intrepid band of kid D&D players in the first episode of D&D With Kids , the party, Kriv the dragonborn fighter, Foxy the human druid and Adrak the elf rogue, along with their animal friend, Scruffy the wolf, were just entering the lower en...

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DM Lessons: Mea Culpa
I play a fairly house-ruled version of D&D 5e with lots of more old-school elements to it. One of the most noticeable elements is my  Modified XP and Levelling Rules . Different classes have different ways of turning treasure into XP, and carousing is a pre...

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DM Lessons: Random Tables
I use several random tables in our weekly D&D campaign. Often, the tables give me something interesting/funny to build on, but last night I had decidedly mixed results from the tables, so I thought it would be interesting to talk about that. In general, ra...

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The Lost Library of Calacorius 1: How it Happened.
Mages.  They're always messing around with things.  Stuff that you aren't supposed to mess with. Like gravity, or dimensions.  Fuckssakes, people, things are put in different dimensions for a REASON. This is, of course, the reason that Mages tend to have a ...
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