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SEO Thought Leaders and Pros - Great Circle for Search Engine Optimization or Marketing folks. 

To be added: Simply share this circle on your profile and comment below. I will add after that. 

This is a circle of the "big shots" but also some other lesser known but active SEO professionals. My goal is to create a community of professionals who we can all network with. 

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Missed this over the weekend. Many thanks for including me and for sharing this, Jeremy - a great resource!
No problem, yeah this one didn't get noticed as much as I thought it would, and not nearly as popular as my .Net programmers or Linux circle but I'll keep updating it anyway. 
Not sure what a great solution is for that. There's no G+ notifications for when you're shared in a circle. I check another external tool to keep up with those. And tagging everyone in the circle isn't a sustainable solution. Not sure how to make this better - any thoughts?
Not sure either. I thought of creating something on my site to manage circles and advertise them better, but I haven't really come up with a good way of doing it. I love sharing circles and adopting other's circles and there seems to be a community for it, but most people are unaware that it's happening. It's something to think about for sure. 

I can't wait until a decent G+ API comes out, then maybe you could build something that would allow people to add themselves to a circle  (with moderation by the owner) and a possible callback that notifies people when they've been added by someone else. 

I like where your head is at, this is something to think about and discuss for sure. 
Thanks for the link! That's actually pretty good for tracking and looking at this stuff. There aren't too many tools available for G+ yet.
Alex Ch
it seems to me it's time to learn your language) is interesting but difficult to understand the language ... ukraine hell))))
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