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If I could turn back time for Add3: 3 things I'd change, 2 I wouldn't, and Marshawn Lynch by @pauluhlir #business

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Last night's entertainment. 
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Thoughts: If as a Marketer, Your So Good at Your Job, What Do You Think The Next Gen Will Be Like?
In my opinion, the next generation of marketers are going to be something else. The ability to be programmatic, wearable tech, GPS targeting, knowing audience interest, being able to remarket cross device, tracking virtually everything  – it’s a world of change and evolution that I think will produce a type of cross discipline intelligence (that demand very high salaries)

Potential Skillset For AdWords / PPC Marketing

#Researcher   find and interpret information.
#Strategist build a strategy.
#Creative write ad copies and create banners, video, or html emails.
#Techy set up programmatic, RT bidding and tracking options.
#Scientists set a hypothesis and controlled experiment.
#Finance build forecasts.
#Accountant calculate returns and where to cut losses.
#Psychologist understand the buyer.
#Marketing final skill, how to advertise.

Adwords is far larger than most care to admit or possibly master. The most valuable side of ‘ppc’ marketing is a process called optimization:

Optimization: refine original settings used on a campaign, depending on how those initial settings performed. OR ’getting more traffic, at a higher quality for the same amount or less...’

Budget Optimization: refine how you spend your money.

Set-Up Optimization: adjust the way the campaign is structured.

Ad Optimization: adjust the content of text, display or video ads.

Targeting Optimization: improve the way your ads are being found.

Landing Page Optimization: improve the relevance of the site users are sent to.

Data Optimization: improve the quality of data being generated.

Psych Optimization: integrate buyer psychology across the campaign.

The examples skills above are not a full list, but what do you think of my opinion? If today’s system takes so much skill; cat and mouse game trying to keep up with the speed of tech-evolution – will tomorrows marketer be able to hack it?

#adwords #marketing #nextgen #thoughts
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It's official, folks -- Project Fi, Google's wireless service, is here. Find out all the early details and be sure to sign up for an invite!

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Check out Paul's new post on LinkedIn!: One Secret I Can Share With You About Running a Digital Agency

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About time!
Upgraded Adwords Reporting Rolling Out to Accounts (customizable multidimensional reports & data visualization) #ppc via +Susan Waldes on +The SEM Post 

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A new (to me at least) AdWords Beta, Brand Campaign Groups
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