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New Circle!
Hey guys, I'm working with +Tim McDonald to build an awesome Diversity Circle.
I want to create a circle that we can go to, to get a plethora of viewpoints spanning the globe. So if your opinionated, representative of a cultural group, or just want to share in discussions. Just post below and I'll add you to the Circle

Don't hesitate to tell me about people who should be in the circle.

#circles   #circleshare   #multicultural   #diversity   
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Hey +Jeremy Kolb please add me to this circle and notify me when it's live. It would make for an interesting hangout with a scheduled topic I guess.
I have both a Swedish and Turkish background. I guess I fit in here ;)
Do you already have a middle aged white guy?
Oh yeah I am a New Zealand Maori living in Australia producing a film set in Somalia. I watch US, African, Middle Eastern and Australian politics.  I sit on the fence between the right and the left and base my spirituality on the Karma principle.             Just saying
Alright, I added all you guys (from Chicago) do you know anyone else who should be added?
I'll share this post ... let's see what that might bring you ;)
Portuguese guy with a passion for Morocco!
I've posted a comment on this in +Hakan Gül s shared post, so I'll just say that here too: I'd love to be a part of that circle...
Looking forward to some really global discussions :)
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