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Jeremy Jesenovec
Christian✺Husband✺Dad to 4 Homeschoolers✺B2B Content Marketing Writer✺Blogger✺Podcaster✺Police Lt✺USMC Vet
Christian✺Husband✺Dad to 4 Homeschoolers✺B2B Content Marketing Writer✺Blogger✺Podcaster✺Police Lt✺USMC Vet

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Is there a device that I can plug into a landline (hard wired) telephone to route through my computer, so that I can record phone interviews from a landline onto my computer?

Yes, I'm aware of many other options like Skype, etc. But I need to do it this way for now.

There is no malicious intent here. I conduct a lot of interviews for business research. I need to be able to go back and listen to the conversations since I don't know shorthand, and I'm a slow typist, and I can't read my chicken scratch when I write fast.

And before you ask, here in Ohio, recording is a 1 party consent state, meaning only I need permission. 

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New Homeschool Leadercast podcast episode: Scott Dix on on Anthony Comstock: The Forgotten Story of America’s Most Successful Christian Social Reformer #homeschool

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Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans (say it out loud in the same rhythm as you would Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart’s Club Band) is the project of Palette-Swap Ninja, who has gamely rendered a parody of every Sgt. Pepper’s song as the story of A New Hope. Here’s the crazy part: They’re all really good!

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For several hundred years Paul's letters were their only bibles. There is power in the Spirit within us, amen! Praise the Lord!

You have no money and you see a coat you like for $97.
You ask your mom for $50 & ask your dad for $50 which means you now have $100.

You go to the shop and buy the coat and hand over $100 to the cashier.

The cashier gives you $3 in change.
You give your mom $1
and give your dad $1
and keep $1 for yourself.

You now owe your mom $49 & you owe your dad $49.

49+49 =98 with the $1 you kept that equals $99.

So where is the other $1 ?

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Here is the article that I wrote for Police Magazine for the Casio G-Shock line of watches.

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I've been writing white papers in the law enforcement market and public safety sectors this year for varying reasons. To establish thought leadership for a company; to help a product build a brand; to gain market share; to introduce solution based technology; and many other great reasons to have white papers for your company or product. Check out my white paper on how you can establish thought leadership and increase sales in the public safety sector.


If you pray for self-discipline, is it something that God gives you, or is it something that you give to God? 
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