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Absolutely correct. The world is going crazy with inane scare campaigns whipped up by sensationalist media. If anything Google is a lot more careful with and honest about your data than Facebook
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The next Google innovation should be something related to online Webinars. I think they would do an awesome job of this allowing people to share presentations, audio and video while managing guest lists.
+Corey Dodge There are still a lot of holes in Google's strategy:

Integration of gmail contacts with G+. The Hangout list on the RHS of G+ should give you links to gmail contacts to get details of people, allow you to send emails, tell you if you have messages or emails from people. Ideally integrate with messages from Facebook etc, or even eventually phone messages.

Picasa is a mess as it doesn't support folder structures whereas Drive does, G+ has some integration with Picasa but strangely limited. For example Picasa keeps a hit count on images but G+ doesn't. These have to be integrated with Drive.

I could go on, but it will be a great service once its all in place. Lets hope that some stupid antitrust commission doesn't try to break Google up first
Quite honestly I hope not. I agree and it will come in all good time. Makes sense that there would be such holes, Google is huge in both capacity and for the power in the tools it provides. I am curious though in reference to the article you linked as to whether Drop Box has similar claims in its Terms of Service?
+Corey Dodge My understanding is that Drop Box had similar Terms of Service but there was the usual hype about invasion of privacy so they may have changed them.

Google is very poor at marketing they should explain these things and why they are doing them as they get misinterpreted by journalists who want to make something out of nothing.

I have dropped my Drop Box account having tested GDrive and it works very well at maintaining copies of my Windows folders. I also use Carbonite to back up my computers and I have used them for many years but I will probably just use GDrive when I have to renew my Carbonit license.
When you look at the facts the media comes up short on credibility. Make you wonder what the motivation is for the bias.
Hotmail security flaws like the recent one also affect SkyDrive but most didn't notice that.
+Steve Coles I understand that Murdoch is a bit anti Google, but of course Mr Murdoch doesn't influence the views of his media empire does he. Does he?
Media credibility is getting that low, people Google to find out what the real story is. Well I do anyway :)
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