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All corn will be 100% naturally occurring maize.  Wait, what?

Via: +Daniel Buhler.
In a first for a major restaurant chain, Chipotle Mexican Grill will begin serving only food that is free of genetically engineered ingredients.
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Corn is a man-made crop to begin with... WTH lol!!! 
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Deadpool has officially reached the halfway mark in it's shooting schedule, and to celebrate, star Ryan Reynolds returned to social media to share one very red photo of Wade Wilson in his signature white tanktop.
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Texas lawmakers had long known that jail was a possibility for students, but until BuzzFeed News’ report no one had any idea of the scale on which it was happening, said State Rep. Harold Dutton Jr., a Democrat from Houston who chairs a committee on juvenile justice and has authored a bill that would decriminalize truancy.

Don't want to spend time behind barb-wire fences and metal detectors around some of the most dangerous thugs imaginable, wasting each day in a dismal, mind-killing blur?

Then we'll put you in jail.
"You've gotta be kidding me." Lawmakers react to a BuzzFeed News report showing that more than a thousand teens have been sent to adult jail on charges stemming from skipping school. The ...
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From Judge Payton: "Tons of resources are poured in to help the families. Tons of social services. Sadly they only told half truths. They didn't bother to include that the 66 kids jailed were out of 1500 which is less than 4.4%. They also left out that it is the very last resort I mean last resort. We provide free counseling, free drug testing, out patient counseling, classes led by LPC's for girls and boys, they also left out that I run my own community service program and have the kids go Habitat for Humanity, food pantries, they run their own food pantry, i started a community garden for them and they learn how to grow fruits and veggies, and run a greenhouse. The program is on facebook called Students on Service. The kids help through out the community in a positve way and learn from the projects and can add it to their resume.

I have developed an internship program from within the group and teach them how to manage cites and work with other adults; we use alternative education programs like charter schools, special needs school and a list of other programs like job corps and texas challenge academy and others, because not everybody fits the mold of traditional school.

They actually came in and watched community service for 2 hours, yet didnt report on how the kids responded to me in an informal setting or all of the good that they saw. They also left out all of the programs we talked about to help families.

Also 16 year olds dont go to adult jail and they didnt tell the whole story on classification. They didnt even observe a truancy case; the story is only half the story; they also conveniently left out my college degree and the fact that I graduated magna cum laude and 2nd team USA Today All American Academic Team member for the U.S.

Also they dont tell you that the 66 kids that went to jail were already aggregiously missing school and not there for 30 40 and 50 days......these weren't just go to jail. Its normally 6, 7, 8 months of not following their court order for counseling; community service, classes and many other programs. So you can say that I truly plug them into a huge network and that is why I have a 98% success rate, because I care about these families."
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The canon of computer gaming is massive, with new classics added every year. And while some of the “greatest of all time” earned that title honestly, others look pretty lousy in hindsight.
Excuse me for a minute while I slip into this asbestos suit as I fully expect this article to ruffle a few feathers
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I don't disagree with you, I've considered video games art for quite a while, I have a buddy that is working at Blizzard right now that shared that view with me in college. We did what we could to spread it, and it caught on well among our friends.
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Funny, as a kid I was always given a bad time about being Norwegian. Being from South Dakota, which has a large population of people of Norwegian descent, I was always surrounded by "Norwegian jokes", which  were always about how dumb Norwegians were.  Now as an adult, I am constantly reading stories like this and just how ingenious the Vikings and the Scandinavians were. I am proud of my Norse ancestors!

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Thanks to +Meirav M. for sending me down a Broadstreet hole.
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Your taste... it is, how you say? Good.
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Pretend that you are offered a position to do the same work you're doing now, for about the same income, but it would require you to move to a significantly more rural location than where you are.

What are the first few things you take into consideration?
(This is also open to wives whose husbands work as the sole breadwinner.)

There are no wrong answers.  GO!
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I don't think I could handle more rural than I live in now. Of course, if it was a path that we both felt was the one we should take, I would do it without question. And then I'd have to figure out how to do more rural.

+Shell DiBaggio the public school system is completely irrelevant to a homeschooler.

I would consider amenities like internet, cost to move (can you sell your house you're in now? You just barely moved in there), strength of community (it can be unbelievably isolating to be in a rural community that doesn't bond together), and also my perceived added value (or that of the influence of my family). If it's the same work for roughly the same pay, what would my contribution be to a different community?
Also, I'm a bit morbid, so I consider the time it takes for an emergency vehicle to get to my house. If I had a legitimate emergency, would it be 5 minutes or an hour before I could get help?
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I love Texas.  Texans?  Well, they're special.
The YouTube video starts wout with a man popping the alligator on the top of its snout.
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"Hold my beer."
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Beneath reflections in fountain.
The starry sky and Utah mountains.
They are swimming happily.
Can't you see?
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Nobody dislikes being typecast more than a Texan does. We are a friendly bunch, as a rule, laughing at your silly Western-movie concept of our state. But there are a few things that just rip our shorts.
Here are the top 13 things to avoid when you visit Texas, the Lone Star State.
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+De Pandahouses True.
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In the end I was rooting for Azog to just kill Thorin just to get it over with. The orcs winning the battle of the five armies and conquering Middle Earth would be a small price to pay to reach a swifter end to this cinematic disaster; an audio-visual assault on the senses, on film-making, on acting and on simple human decency.

I wonder how +Arthur Sido really feels.
Film Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Also known as Please Make It Stop)
As mentioned, we finished the trilogy of films created from a single children's book The Hobbit . It took a day longer than expected, costing me an extra $1.50 from Redbox but the price paid by my soul was much greater. Let me sum it up in this way. It was ...
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I found something to like!  

Billy Connolly!
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Wow. The internet was winning today.

(Now with 100% more context.)
We recommend you surround your computer in a circle of salt for protection.
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J Agnew
Thanks, wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway. 
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