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I can only hope this is my daugher in a few years.
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Hahaha.  When this film came out, I was 10 years old.  And I'm not ashamed to say that, at 10 years old, I had a Wednesday Addams crush.  (But then...I also had a Morticia Addams crush. But I mean... come on.)

Now of course I appreciate Wednesday for (obviously) very different reasons. I'm officially joining the "I hope my daughter is like Wednesday Addams" club. Girl had her priorities straight.
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Jeremy Hodges

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At the beginning of an anime series on Netflix.

"Oh, hey, there's two whole seasons of this series, with 27 episodes each.  I bet it'll be a great story-arc."

At the end of season 1 of an anime series on Netflix.

"Wow, what a great mid-point.  I can't wait to see how they wrap this up."

13 episodes into the second season of an anime on Netflix.

"Ummmm... they're still introducing new characters.  How many seasons are there?"

Netflix carries 2 season out of 7.

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If I am not mistaken Hulu has all of Inu Yasha. 
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Jeremy Hodges

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There have been so many adaptations of the story about Frankenstein and how his monster came to be. Some of these Frankenstein-inspired adaptations have also brought in new characters (like Igor, which didn't appear in the novel) but have become iconic and used in other mediums as well. As of April 2011, there are 48 Frankenstein films, and this does not include the shorts or TV series.
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has had its share of movie adaptations, but Victor Frankenstein could be the best yet
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They have my attention.
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Jeremy Hodges

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One of the amazing things about The Rocketeer, and there are a lot of them, is how far ahead of its time it seems. The character first hit the stands in 1982 as one of the leading stars of that decade’s independent comics boom, and for readers coming to the character from the world of superheroes, the art Dave Stevens was doing didn’t look like anything else in comics.
Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens left behind an amazing legacy of stories of high adventure, romance, and action, which still look innovative and beautiful today.
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The Rocketeer is one of my most favorite movies ever, and it has a soundtrack to match.
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Jeremy Hodges

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"I turn the corner I hear a guy scream 'Watch out,' and there's a cobra, and I just back up," Shear said. "I may have let out an expletive or two."

Or five or seven.
HOUSTON — It's the last thing you want to see when coming home from a long day at work.
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Entirely possible. 
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Jeremy Hodges

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“The whole thing was totally an accident. On Monday I decided to get Chipotle and on Tuesday I made the same decision, then got lunch with my friend there on Wednesday,” Rantal told ABC News. “We laughed about it at lunch and he asked how long I thought I could go. And that began the thought.”

I would so do this, provided the sodium intake didn't kill me.

Roundaboutly thanks to +Alan Andrews for the source.
"My brain found the consistency of the experiment to be 95% delicious"
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I could't afford it......
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Jeremy Hodges

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How did I miss this?  Late reshare is late.
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Very talented 
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Jeremy Hodges

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Singer spoke to Empire about Oscar Isaac’s costume saying, “He'll be very similar to images in the comic. There's obviously something very futuristic and yet ancient to the design of both his costume and his physicality.”

Maybe this isn't even his final form.  Here's to hoping.
Despite criticism, the film’s director says the look is actually “very similar” to the original comic book design.
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Storm looks like Jean Grae. 
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Jeremy Hodges

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Once associated solely with Texas, the meat is so commonplace that it is harder to find a barbecue restaurant in the country—even in full-blown pig territories—that hasn’t added the Lone Star icon to its menu.
Jim Shahin pens the “Smoke Signals” column at The Washington Post, and is an associate professor of journalism at Syracuse University’s S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications @jimshahin Maybe the reason President Barack Obama jumped the long line at Austin’s Franklin…
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I love brisket provided I prepare it myself. We only buy two cows per year, and it's a three-week process in all, so it doesn't happen often. But when it does, it is glorious.
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Jeremy Hodges

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Still, these pen-and-ink crosshatched and hand-lettered gems from the beginning of his 50-year career arguably challenged prevailing American publishing conventions while they helped define Anchor’s and other publishers’ visual identities. His covers also released a troupe of melancholy Victorians and Edwardians, woeful infants and little tykes, and eerie reptilian and mammalian beasts that haunted his proto-graphic novel “novels”, which earned legions of loyal fans over the ensuing decades.
The author and illustrator is much revered for his own weird and wonderful books, yet his 200-plus jacket designs are virtually ignored. Steven Heller celebrates his contribution to a unique era of publishing
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I haven't mined the Deep Net in a while.  Figured it was time.
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Jeremy Hodges

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Today has chimed in with details on how much CGI you’ll actually see in a movie that’s being promoted as a return to “practical effects”, and it’s a lot more than some people are hoping.

It's not using CG that's the problem, just like using matte backgrounds isn't a problem.  The problem is trying to use a matte painting as a central character.
Lucasfilm's big talking point to win over fans is to trumpet the use of "practical effects" in The Force Awakens, when the movie is really filled with CGI.
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I actually enjoy CGI in science fiction and fantasy movies, fiction and fantasy. If I wanted to watch stuff that was "real" I'd watch a historical or modern movie, or go outside. :P
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Jeremy Hodges

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There’s more to these pages than just beauty though. The imagery surrounds revisiting major elements of the Hellboy Universe’s mythology, and a relationship I’ve been wanting to see again for quite some time. It is a haunting and melancholy character moment… and I can’t say any more than that.
Multiversity Comics is a website written by people who love comics for people who love comics. Daily news, interviews, reviews and more!
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This is my favorite place to stop for food on my whirlwind trips to San Antonio and back. It's perfectly situated to be hidden enough from the bustle, but the quality of the food stays consistently good.
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reviewed a year ago
For the price it's a perfectly functional hotel.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Solid buffet Mediterranean food. The garlic dip is outstanding.
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What are the complaints most people have with mechanics? That they are Distant, Dishonest and Dismissive. Transmission Exchange is none of those. The problems more notably associated with automotive repair shops are completely absent with Transmission Exchange. All of the mechanics and employees are straightforward, open, communicative, and strive to save the customer money whenever they can. These guys were suggested to me by a friend, and I have been even more pleased than I expected. They are primarily a transmission shop, but can also handle any vehicle problems that you might have with kindness, honesty and good-ol-fashioned-know-how.
• • •
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This place sets the standard for crab cake sandwiches. The clam chowder is too good to miss.
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Excellent group of saints. Hard-working evangelists. One can be sure that they concern themselves with God's glory and the loving transmission of scripture above all else.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Another great location. The food and service were great. Nice, open seating.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed 2 years ago