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Thanks to +Comic Book Movie for the hint.
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Jeremy Hodges

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The combination of the two Houston-based oilfield services giants is not expected to close until the second half of the year after going through the regulatory process and the sales of some business units and assets by both companies.

This is HUGE.
Shareholders from both companies easily approved the $34.6 billion megadeal for Halliburton Co. (NYSE: HAL) to acquire Baker Hughes Inc. (NYSE: BHI).
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Jeremy Hodges

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Orwell’s dystopian had its “thought police” who wanted to control the mind, and there was no difference in assaulting the Great Books and controlling the mind in Bradbury’s work.

This somewhat connects to the recent articles decrying the pursuit of a "utilitarian" grasp of literature.

"It's like messing about in boats."
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It could very well be labeled as a political dimension of the dogmatic evolutionary reductionist package, and it rarely comes in a pure form at that. Dawkin's biological meme seems to be a recontextualization of the same idea, and I lack the eyes for finer details when it comes to differentiating between such primal control and power in the context above.
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This is +Josh Cleveland's fault.
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21/26  , and I haven't seen the other 5 (and of the 5, haven't heard of one).
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An important list indeed.
Houston's rising culinary scene means that the city is no longer perceived solely as a place for steaks and Tex-Mex, but, make no mistake, Houstonians still eat a lot of ...
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Lupe's is very good, but I also like Pappasitos.
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This is a fun anime that actually pulled off the feat of being more watchable over time.
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Sidonia was killer.
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Via: +Russell Thayer​. Because #Truth.
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Amazon Prime is worse. :-/
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Jeremy Hodges

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I believe them bones are me.
Some say we're born into the grave.
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Oh, man.  He is eating this up.
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+Jennifer Hodges has long had a great interest in animation and voice-acting.  When I met her, she was the only girl I'd ever known who knew off-hand more cartoon voice actors than I did.

Oddly enough, that was a huge turn-on.

Fast-forward 9.5 years, and we're still talking about cartoons and voice acting.  This documentary by John DiMaggio ( and his friends is a neat look into the world that exists behind the animation cells.  Highly recommended.
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I don't know (m)any by name, but Eleanor Audley is my favorite. She had the absolute silkiest voice on the planet.
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It's like they sat down and said: "Let's make a shirt just for Jeremy Hodges."
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I think this logo would make a nice avatar.
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Jeremy Hodges

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Rad.  So rad.
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Great, now my wife can categorise her orders.
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This is my favorite place to stop for food on my whirlwind trips to San Antonio and back. It's perfectly situated to be hidden enough from the bustle, but the quality of the food stays consistently good.
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For the price it's a perfectly functional hotel.
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Solid buffet Mediterranean food. The garlic dip is outstanding.
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