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The Fox News Inauguration Day coverage is making me revisit Amos 5:18-20.
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No. It's about being careful when wishing for His judgment. Because you might get it.
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Now I'm thinking "Logan's Run" for some reason...
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Hope to have a safe and easy flight to San Diego.

#CalBibCon2017 starts now.
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My plan is working.
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Oh, +TechCrunch. You're so hip and inventive. Always coming up with new and edgy humor.
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Oh boy, another publication that doesn't understand the community Google+ brings together. 
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My son "came up with" a theory that any number squared is always one higher than the numbers on either side multiplied.

What is the name of this property?

X^2 = (X-1)(X+1) +1
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+Alexander Fretheim, probably. ;)
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Jeremy Hodges

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This is my San Diego Schedule for anyone who wants to carve out some time for a #HIRL. Asterisk indicates speaking engagement.

Wednesday 01-18-17:
Land and get situated (i.e. eat In-N-Out) until 7:00pm bible class here (

Thursday 01-19-17:
Preaching Conference from 12pm on at above location.

Friday 01-20-17:
Preaching Conference from 7am until 3pm at above location.*
Mini-Lecture Series I (open to public) from 7pm-8:30pm at above location.

Saturday 01-21-17:
Mini-Lecture Series II (open to public) from 10am-12pm at above location.*
Lunch with the North Clairemont saints at 1pm.
Free this evening.

Sunday 01-22-17:
Worship service in Vista, CA ( from 9:30am-12pm*
Lunch with the Vista saints?
Worship service in Vista, CA (at above location) from 5pm-6pm.
Free this evening.

I fly out Monday morning.

It looks like it will rain the whole time I'm in SD. Of course.
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+Jeremy Hodges, I might be able to meet up with you somewhere in that schedule... every minute, every day. (:
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Jeremy Hodges

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Was skeptical. Did not disappoint.
Watch these Greek shepherds whistle an entire conversation.
The amazing whistling language of Greek shepherds
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yeah. no.
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Jeremy Hodges

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I don't tweet, but I hunted down Perlman's post and liked it.
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Jeremy Hodges

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Jeremy Hodges

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Forgive the source, but being from SETX, this is a social survival guide in Cajun Country.
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As a French-speaker, I find the whole thread hilarious.
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Jeremy Hodges

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This is so cool.
You asked, we listened. From helping you see more of the comments, photos and posts that matter to bringing back Events, check out how we’re making the new Google+ work better for you:
From better commenting, to showing you more of what matters, to bringing back Events, we’re making a bunch of improvements to Google+ based on your feedback.
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If Google+ starts censoring my comments or comments of people I interact with, I'll probably leave for somewhere else.
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This is important stuff, people.
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There are currently about 30,000 NK escapees living in South Korea, so technically these folks are ex-NKs adjusting to the life in SK. Anyway, I haven't even tried this type of American BBQ and I've been here over 30 years. X-)
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I don't drink, but the pastrami here is A-MAZING.
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Not as quiet as some places, but the staff are very accommodating to our bible study.
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The coffee is perfectly average, but the breakfast is excellent and hardy.
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Comfiest movie seats around in a very clean theatre.
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80 reviews
The waitstaff here take great liberties trying to be personable, but the food is authentic and very tasty. Not too greasy, and not too bland. A great location for lunch buffet or nice dinner.
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Better than the Thai at Silver Spring, even though it's the same business owners. They aren't afraid to make it spicy if you ask.
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reviewed a month ago
The coffee here is a bit weak.
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reviewed 2 months ago