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What is more insidious is that Carson is using this attack to further obfuscate his seemingly scam campaign and in doing so he is actually proving the point of the Cruz campaign and why they thought he was dropping out in the first place.

Via: +Heath Griffith​.
Ben Carson needs to take accountability for his own campaign's misgivings before attacking others.
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Impossible to not read it in his voice. 
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Aha! A wild refresh prompt appears.
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+Luke Wroblewski also posted about this "freebie."  I saw +Abraham Williams' reshare of that post.
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Good improvements.
G+ Web Preview Update Feb 5
Today we're starting to roll out several fixes and new features on the Google+ Web preview including:

* 101 bug fixes
* View large profile images in a gallery
* Improved people search results
* An updated design for the Following screen
* Ability to see who you've muted and un-mute them in the Activity Log (found under Settings)

As always, keep sending us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item. We are continuing to listen and make changes.
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I like how they muted Britney Spears.
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Looks like Udyr from LoL
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Cruz is the most likely port for the escapees from the Rand ship that sunk.  And, really, if Cruz is smart, he'll put Paul into his cabinet.
Sen. Ted Cruz says he and Sen. Rand Paul share similar views on civil liberties issues and that Paul's supporters would be welcomed in the Cruz campaign now that Paul is out of the race.
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Not revisions. The legal understanding of natural citizen is not necessarily "born in the country." The article above explains that.
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Not only was Shkreli smug, he at times turned his head away from lawmakers addressing him directly, played with his pencil, and spoke with disdain to Congress.

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Then it's just a matter of time.
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Via: +Matt Hartley.

Always great to see new +Tina S stuff.
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This girl is an inspiration to my daughters.
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Wait a minute! Scientists make mistakes? It is hard to believe given all the times that science has told me so many things as absolute.
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Yeah. We'll pretend I'm doing real work. What I'm doing is grumbling about Water District Bureaucracy. Jerks.
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FYI, if all else fails, call on the phone.  People are much less helpful over email.
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Did Cruz use the info? Yes.

Did that info start with him? No.
Great overview of the Carson dropout controversy. Read it and spread it so people know what really happened.
SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO SEE UPDATES (Please come back for updates, as this article is being regularly updated) Here they are summarized: UPDATE: Rubio campaign was not only aware of the “rumor,” but “pushing the narrative hard.” UPDATE II: You must watch this adult in the room (video). UPDATE III: Commentary on Ted Cruz’s handling of the situation [...]
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Lance G
+Beth Seifert there's absolutely no evidence Rubio’s team pushed the rumor too. Remember who was the only campaign to apologize. 
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I cannot wait for +Spry Fox to release this game!
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Yup.  Alphabear really used it, and this seems like it will, too.
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The corned beef hash and eggs is legendary.
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This is my favorite place to stop for food on my whirlwind trips to San Antonio and back. It's perfectly situated to be hidden enough from the bustle, but the quality of the food stays consistently good.
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This place sets the standard for crab cake sandwiches. The clam chowder is too good to miss.
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Excellent group of saints. Hard-working evangelists. One can be sure that they concern themselves with God's glory and the loving transmission of scripture above all else.
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For the price it's a perfectly functional hotel.
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Solid buffet Mediterranean food. The garlic dip is outstanding.
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What are the complaints most people have with mechanics? That they are Distant, Dishonest and Dismissive. Transmission Exchange is none of those. The problems more notably associated with automotive repair shops are completely absent with Transmission Exchange. All of the mechanics and employees are straightforward, open, communicative, and strive to save the customer money whenever they can. These guys were suggested to me by a friend, and I have been even more pleased than I expected. They are primarily a transmission shop, but can also handle any vehicle problems that you might have with kindness, honesty and good-ol-fashioned-know-how.
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