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Best Sisters, Best Friends

From a family portrait session that includes twin sisters that also happen to have Down's Syndrome. I always enjoy making portraits of kids with disabilities as they so often have personalities that are pure and unique to capture.

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 I have a love for people with disabilities,  I have a two sons with Autism..... and I have friends who have down syndrome. They love unconditionally

+Jeremy Hall 
+Sheila B. DuBois Happy to have it shared. I too have a child with disabilities, so I'm happy to see others appreciate my efforts to show these wonderful people and their personalities.
This is a beautiful photo and one I really needed to see today. I am currently pregnant with twins, and although everything seems to be fine with them so far, it is always fearfully in my mind that either or both of them could possibly end up having a condition such as Downs. This wonderful post proves that these kids are pure of heart, but just view the world differently than we do (and may have something to teach me about being more pure of heart too.) :0)
Thank you so much for sharing.
Thanks +Sheila B. DuBois. I worry that if my kids have issues outside of the norm that love alone won't be enough. I guess you learn as you go and figure it out! :0)
I think that's the only way to keep your sanity, really. Thank goodness for the kindness and generosity of friends!
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