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What I'm Editing Right Now

Sharing a shot of what is on deck right at this moment. Sure seems like nights are dedicated to trying catch up on my extreme backlog of editing from past shots. Presley is one that has been very patient with my being behind. Hope to get the rest of these edited and delivered soon!

Presley was a pleasure to shoot with in and around the studio on this session. I was joined by Scott Myler for the shoot, and while working through some ideas indoors, we saw a great sky was developing, so we headed out to see what we could capture.

This was lit by a single beauty dish up high and left on a boom arm, powered by an AB1600 and Vagabond Mini. If I hadn't been in as much of a rush (the sun was retreating quickly) I would have liked to have set up a kicker light for some accent & rim.
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Oh that is nice. The lighting really makes her stand out.
I'm just starting to explore off-camera flash (actually, just ordered my flash gun, I'm waiting for it to arrive). These are the kinds of shots I hope to create. Good work, and thanks for the inspiration!
I'm right there with you...though I just powered through two weddings and a very large family shoot. I shoot more than I have time to edit :(
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