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yeah....... Giant Birdsnest Bed from O*GE

"It's a real product that's made to order and comes in three different sizes, the largest of which is supposed to be able to fit 16 people."

via [Geekologie]
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This looks fantastic! That could be one heck of a sleepover
I want long as I don't have to have 16 people in it.
Awww Olivia would LOVE this!
That looks like a bed I could actually sleep in. Send it over.
that shade of green is ONE of the color of our wedding on April 14, 2012...... We just painted a wall in our living room that green I love it!!! "EL COLOR DE LA ESPERANZA" a very powerful color.
Now tell me how to get it
That is so cool...well I guess I figured out what I want for my birthday. lol
am also slp there
Uh oh, is this gonna be another whats hot?? Let's do it ppl!! heheheheee
Love it, would look even better in a tree house!
keep it going people! Keep it going!!!
gotta get one for my sexy parties... :P we can all dress up like baby birds... HAHA!

Definitely cool product!
Just get one and throw a bunch of hirlers in there!
la creatividad y la invension es admirable cuando es util para un buen uso...
yeh!!!! i love it, its nice.......
Do you need a pulley to drop you into it? Or do you just run and dive?
This is Effin awesome...want a few of these. 1 for myself, 1 fer my daughter, and 1 to hand out as a gift.
need one for the loft
little bed for a elder boy...............ahahhahahahhahhahaaaaa
Thats really cool! Where can you get it from??
I wanna jump into my giant birdnest bed ! where is it ?
how in the world do you get a circular matress.....?

Nice pic,,so cute baby,,,i like it....
people who have way too much money and no ideas what to do with it!
fit 16 people ! Awesome
Now I could sleep in something like that :)
That has part writen al over it, I would definatly sleep in that(:
Now I wouldn't want a Giant Angry Bird to come with that...
Oh that looks kinda dangerous.... Look at the jagged rim of the bed. Are those real wood strips? cool...i wish i could have this..hehe
I feel this pic is playing tricks with me, the door and the child are not well propotioned, this pic must have been touched by some1 else
P Cork
This is awesome!!!
ohhhhh.....i wana totally sleep there!!!<3
wow soooooooooooooooooooo smooth i want to sleep in that
hey, its lovely i also want to be there
what come on i guess it would be cute for a cabin in the wood's
Are we bored or what? What is in the mind of these "people" who think these things up?
Looks nice and cosy:) just dont know what these beans and peas are doin in it ;)
wt ever
this is coooolll..i want one bird nest bed plssssssss..:D
lol hwo do you even climb in??
A GIGANTIC falcon will swoop me away for dinner if anyone sleeps in one of these!!
My,5mo thold would enjoy this! Looks comfy and safe
Who is the manufacturer? What is is made of? What sizes? How do you make up the bed? How do you get in the bed? Where do you buy linens for the bed? IS THIS A JOKE?
Ehm...How does a child get into this safely? A lot of edges there, if You ask me...
I'd like to get one as soon as I manage to move to the other room in the house :p
Looks so very comfortable......
:) interesting concept.... like:) :) :)
How perfect, as I have a hummingbird's nest right outside my living room window with two new babies peaking their beaks out. My elementary school girls would love this! Maybe I'll add some overhanging leaves to replace the stars on the ceiling in their room.
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