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Yeah, but it's repetitive data and subject to enormous signal loss.
Speaking of wasteful protocols.
Wow I think you just wrote the entire plot line to the porn version of Johnny Mnemonic.
"I'm finding this hard to swallow" said your mother, Trebek.
A fantastic piece of information. Wait, let me invent something.
I never thought of myself as that fast. Call it an info dump.
I'll take famous titties for $200 Alex
It looks like this is my lucky day. I'll take "the rapists" for 200!
Hold on... this isn't right. I just ran the numbers, thinking they seemed a little low. It is more like 1.5 Petabytes, not Terabytes.
I should charge ladies for this much bandwidth.
It's not the bandwidth, it's how you transmit the data. :)
In short awkward bursts at best.
hhmmm.... it means that male organ is a server which has all the data.
my gym sock is my memory card
So does this mean that a condom is a firewall? lol
Future, so dangerous. Everything is technology. So it is true that we can correct correct the DNA of the unborn babies in the future for less deceases.
thats lot of data haaaaaaahaaw.sorry for the reciever
My sperm is more faster than a normal sperm bcoz they are the spermoman.
maybe ejaculation should be the new birth control. lol
That, is awesome in a way not easy to find. Lol! 
something about a sperm cell
in involving no electronic..
Uterus can defends the strongest DDOS attack
You could publish the seminal paper on this topic
kya idea hai.......... ab mute mar ke net chalegaye ku......kuch acha kar le bhai...........
Xin Li
Looks like 1 masturbation session and I"m already over my Comcast monthly data limit.
Yaeh.. electric impulse but no electronic (device) ..
Sooo, what you're saying is that eventually we will be able to use our dicks as flash drives?
omg! what a great information! yo! can u tell me the chemistry level?
haha! don you like it your p__ will be useful aside from s__. sounds good! =)
they`ll do use 4 anti virus
But it's all redundant data anyway :)
fast transfer, but it takes too long to setup, and packet loss is disturbingly high
and always remember to turn on your firewall, dont want any viruses
I think it is outstanding and something to be proud of. Our bodies are a wonder, huh?
If that's true how do we tranfer data from one kleenex to another
So I guess my ex is a p2p network?
Some redirect all their data to /dev/null (shower drain)
100 comments and no one mentions that a 3 second orgasm is weak?
guys imagine you self, transfering a data to your laptop or to your boss laptop using your p__ as flash drive..
hmmmmmmmmm coooollllll nd it is as fast as 4g
so if i hook a car battery up to my nipples using jumper cables, is that considered overclocking?
yup! definitely!!! overclocking! lol
Some times it result s in a copy that resembles it two server s
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