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I have a dishwasher and i still have to 'do the dishes'? This is bullshit
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hahahaha welcome to that grown up crap i am always talking about :D
that reminds me i have to take the trash out, what's the use of having a trash can if it can't take itself out? ù_Ú...
yes +patty bayliss where are my self emptying trash cans... or at least give me a rosie to take it out for me . :( #thejetsonsliedtome
Trash tubes! eureka! we need trash tubes!
It'd be underground...and it'd operate the same way those tubes work at the bank drive through...but it'd take your trash to the recycle bin
I'd bitch about taking the trash to the trash
I took it to the trash tube last's someone else's turn
How s that it gets full ya gotta take it out
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