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does it look like a big strip of bacon to you too?
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It does now thanks now I am hungry lol 
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"“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” 
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

A song of Mice and Wires

Lord Desktop Start aka +emilio g 
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And if the cryptware hits? He is blocked ?
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Awesome album! \o /
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♫  Feeling the vibrations of every decision
And I'm hoping that you'll break this invisible division
But it's never who I was, not what I wanna be
But I am  ♫
♫ Initiation day, packed up and on my way
Can you hear the bells?
There's a lot at stake and I'm not feeling brave
'Cause I can hear the bells ♫

#Deleon   #Tequila  
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English Beard Tax
In 1535, King Henry VIII of England, who wore a beard himself, introduced a tax on beards. The tax was a graduated tax, varying with the wearer's social position. His daughter, Elizabeth I of England, reintroduced the beard tax, taxing every beard of more than two weeks' growth.

Russian Beard Tax
In 1698, Emperor Peter I of Russia instituted a beard tax to modernize the society of Russia following European models. Those who paid the tax were required to carry a "beard token". This was a copper or silver token with a Russian Eagle on one side and on the other, the lower part of a face with nose, mouth, whiskers, and beard. It was inscribed with the phrase: "the beard tax has been paid" (lit: "Money taken").  

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Huh.  James Harden's tax would be in the millions by now.
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Sid Meir's i beg  of you.  Make a Railroads relaunch.  Take the basic concept and just expand it.  simple as that.  You'd sell a lot of games with very little investment.  Just take the "Railroads" game you already have and expand on it.  Same thing with "Sid Meir's Revolution", same concept and just expand it.  Why your people can't see this befunds me.  I  made that word up, good word though.  befunded.  means you don't know why people aren't throwing money at a good concept:  befunded.
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Like that word, dont know about the rest. Have to look it up
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This is probably depressing to hear, but I'm pretty sure that ISIS = IRAQ.  Whatever threat IRAQ posed to the US in 2001 is multiplied by 10 fold and now we have armed militia "taking over towns".  Just a tip for all you news readers - you don't "take over towns" unless the town lets you do it.  Shades of Vietnam and the Korean War come to mind when it comes time to withdraw our troops. The situation is either just as bad or worse by the time we withdraw troops.  Shock and Awe is when American realize how much money and lives were wasted trying to control Iraq.
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We were on Cob Speicher in Tikrit Iraq in '07-'08. It has been completely taken over now. It is as if we were never there and is terribly saddening that all we did was for naught. Complete waste of lives and money and time. It enraged me to think of it honestly.
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bounce ♫
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Big Business - Just as the Day Was Dawning (2007)

"For weeks now, you run and you talked in your sleep
You shook me awake to announce, you're never alone"

"Spring was confusing, a little bit scary
Summer was much of the same
By Winter you run with the night, never came home"

"Scream bloody murder, the mountains are listening
Vultures mistook you for a dead body
How can you sleep when you can't pull the teeth from your eyes?"

#Melvins   #Karp  
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music. listen to it

“I drew a circle,”
“Cut inside of me,”
“You open the door”
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"What are they doing?"

♫ An absurd gag, a monkey trick
An Irish bull, a childish joke ♫

#TexasMusic  (1991)
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Have him in circles
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