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turn it up really loud and dance
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N is playing Tool too loudly for me to drown her out with this, but at least they're in competition.
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Just realized one of my fav musicians #JoshHomme  is in Eagles of Death Metal 
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I love their new album. Fuck what +Sean Schmidt says
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Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains: Whiskey Is My Kind Of Lullaby, from the album Love Songs For The Apocalypse.
This is relevant to a number of people on my friends list, although I think +Jeremy Hall might be the foremost person.
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Conservatism, Racism And Low IQ

There are all types of statistics that could lead one to believe that liberals are smarter than conservatives. These include the fact that “Blue States” have higher graduation rates than “Red States” and the fact that most people who seek higher education have liberal ideologies.
Republicans like to say that liberals are stupid, but these five scientific studies prove they're not even smart enough to make this assumption.
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What is your problem idiot im trying to have a conversation here with the adults and no watch gone with the wind idiot Ashley is a male name everywhere except America this is the problem with trying to converse with morons you can insult me all you want ive made you look like a fool enough and really you are one of those republicans that causes this sort of article to be written you act lie a bloody 6 year old in a school-ground if you had the balls to stand face to face with me you wouldn't get 2 words out before you'd be knocked the fuck out moron. Your an idiot who think a journalistic piece is a science paper and educated people with degrees are the enemy....your three republican front runners for the presidency are all educated men with degrees but why bother telling you all your posts are nothing but childish attempts at insults you sound like a 6 year old throwing a tantrum in a schoolyard.have a good look at yourself idiot and grow up a bit your embarrassing yourself with every comment.

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Jeremy Hall

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♫ "the heavy world's upon your shoulders
Will we burn or will we just smolder
Somehow I know I'll find you there
I wanna see if you can change it
Still I know I'll see you there
Come a little closer, then you'll see"
"Time flies by, they all sang along
Time flies - bye, bye"  ♫
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Very nice song, thank you, Jer, we like it!
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This world is falling apart 
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Dosed S
Time has changed, minimal are helping, and most are running from it all.
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♫ take me home, what a wonderful way to go ♫

I have no idea what this song is about, but i always figured it was about dying while you were having sex 

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idk.. i kinda like it :)
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