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Waylon Jennings would never drive a Volkswagen.  I was going to let it go but they have been bombarding every cable network i frequent.  "mommas don't let your babies" BUY A FUCKING Volkswagen!  FFS, i liked VW until this ad campaign took a cherished Waylon Jennings song and used it to try and sell cars (BY STEREOTYPING FAT LITTLE KIDS NOT RAISED BY YUPPIE VOLKSWAGEN OWNERS).  shame shame - the cowboy Waylon Jennings was warning your mom about, had very little to do with selling German cars in the US
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After watching it a few times, I think the point of the ad is that boys will be boys. But, if you buy a fuel efficient VW, you'll have to stop less to give them that opportunity. It's kind of funny, actually. 
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Jeremy Hall

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San Antonio and Austin are in the thick of it.  Multiple tornado warnings, though none reported.  

I'm ready to dive into the bathtub if debris starts hitting my windows
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+Jeremy Hall Be safe and good luck!
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Jeremy Hall

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♫ Have you ever tried to step in my shoes?!
Have you ever tried to balance that beam?!
And if you ever tried to fit in my shoes,
They'll never be quite as soft as they seemed. ♫

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I love this fucking album.
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Jeremy Hall

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i have this notion that our society is going to be measured by history in terms of pre-internet and post-internet.  Similar to the way we see trains and cotton gins changing society's landscape in the 18th and 19th centuries, the introduction of "global internet communication" will also be a landmark when we teach future generations about the 21st century.  There is little comparison to the advancement in technology we've seen in the last few decades;  gas engines, electricity, rocket science are the closest comparisons.  Live it up people, we are experiencing history every day.

the photo below is kids listening to a radio broadcast in 1920
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Jeremy Hall

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♫ I'm goin' so fast and I can't slow down
It's hard to get up when you're spinnin' round
I'd give you the the news but nothin's changed
I'd sing you a song but they blew it away
All wrapped up in this stupid ass game
California waiting
Every little thing's gotta be just right
While you're tryin' to save me
Can't I get back to my lonely life ♫
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Your musical taste just rocks! 
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Jeremy Hall

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Out of Brazil, a yellow anaconda that appears to be 25ft long if not longer.

FYI: the people who filmed this video were each fined $600 and sentenced to community service by the Brazilian government for illegally harassing protected wildlife 

src: via:
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Jeremy Hall

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just an idea.  give me your thoughts. The Internet killed the University concept.  The idea of education shouldn't be based on Old World ideas like universities for the privileged.  Video killed the radio star -- and the internet killed the "university" mindset

The idea behind "Greek" fraternities is to keep certain people out.  We have systematic nonsense going on in the institutions we trust for progressive thought.  And then we have a computer, we have an internet, we have the ability to learn without the systematic BS offered by overpriced and politically run families who own the universities.  just a matter of time until these cesspools of ancient practices die in a progressive society that shuns wasteful spending.

Do we want to be educated by privateers or public funds?  Doesn't really matter anymore.  The internet allows us to educate ourselves.
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What we should be concerning ourselves with, is tech power for us lowly people, the average middle class or below citizen. We need protecting from the predatory behavior of the rich and powerful. Education is key. Teach yourself. Do research and experimentation on a personal level and share your data with like minded men and women working towards our same goals. Share information with each other. Share ideas. Respect each other. Allow for dissent and reconciliation. But never stop working to advance the people and take back from the most elite. Know your enemies. Don't group people together. Respect and expect equality among us all. This is not about ideology, it's about the future of humanity and breaking free of oppression globally. Knowledge of yourself and being adaptable to life, sacrificing for the whole, that's the key.
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Jeremy Hall

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The Best Player Since Jordan
For 17 years, we have been worshiping false idols. But it's okay, Tim Duncan forgives us.

"Michael Jordan made us fall in love with wing players. We wanted scoring and high-flying dunks. We became smitten with players capable of both defying gravity and burying 30-foot fadeaways. The league told us to love it, Nike told us to buy it, and Sports Center told us to watch it. And so we did.

Little by little, though, we allowed everything we loved about the game to be replaced by the sexy highlight. We fell in love with unjustifiable long jumpers and negligent spacing. We ignored what win-shares told us. We started calling two or three-year title runs “dynasties.” We were so desperate to name someone, anyone, the “Air Apparent" (to Michael Jordan), we let pretenders and wannabes sit on the throne.

But we were wrong.

Thankfully, Tim Duncan didn’t mind. He just kept doing what he does — dropping 20 and 10 on the opposition, night after night — and we should consider ourselves lucky to have “witnessed” it."  

whole story ::
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Good piece. I've always been a Duncan fan. Saw him play at wake circa 95-96 (I forget). Dude had a triple double. Points, rebounds, blocks ffs
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Jeremy Hall

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Over the last 20 years, the median weekly earnings of recent college graduates in the US has been known to drag slightly behind the overall trend.  Ever since the 2007 recession however, the slight drag has become a huge leak.  This is very bleak news if you plan on investing in American business or raising a family.
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Jeremy Hall

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If you played bass guitar and you grew up in the 80's 90's then this is the best album you'd ever heard at the time (1993)     #porksoda   #primus  
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The idea behind Catch 22 is that there is never a correct solution.  To avoid one circumstance means you invite another... Catch 22
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wow +Carlos Shelton that's actually really interesting.  almost emotionally moving if i wasn't a cynical bastard
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Jeremy Hall

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Bill Gates: High taxes and high growth can co-exist
With a net worth in the neighborhood of $80 billion, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has no hesitation answering questions about what sort of economic policies the country should follow. When he was asked this Sunday how he’d respond to those who think cuts in taxes and regulations will unleash productivity, Gates criticized the notion.

"The highest economic growth decade was the 1960s. Income tax rates were 90 percent," he said on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS May 17, 2015. "I mean, the idea that there's some direct connection that all these innovators are on strike because tax rates are at 35 percent on corporations, that's just such nonsense."

~~ notice he used the term "innovators" instead of corporate moochers.  Corporate moochers will indeed lose money if tax rates increase, while the innovators see very little down time regardless what the corporate tax rate is.  Point being, if you are sitting on a decade old business model then don't expect your profits to last forever, and stop using our government to ensure they last as long as possible at the detriment of our national economic security.
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As the USA in the 1950's illustrated beautifully... or Germany is illustrating right now.
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