Were you at GenCon? Did you stop by Games on Demand? If so we want to hear from you.

Be it an awesome experience, or one of utter frustration, we want to know.

We are iterating towards the best Games on Demand experience possible, but really need your feedback.

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We continue to receive amazing feedback!

If you want to reach out and share your experience, the best way (which will help shape what we do next year) is here:

- http://www.indiegamesexplosion.org/contact-us/

Also... surveys are coming! 

It's important to remember that Games On Demand is an event we all organize for free. We are volunteers. It's not our business, not our job... we don't profit from it... and it's not even always fun. It takes a lot of work and personal sacrifice to make Games On Demand happen with months of preparation.

We do it, because we love Gen Con, we love people, and we love gaming. Gen Con is very much a "by the fans, for the fans" event.

Gen Con is what we make it, so we are doing our best to offer something different so everyone has more choice. And hopefully we can lead by example and inspire people to do the same. Make Gen Con what you want it to be! 

I'd like to conclude by quoting the latest feedback we just received. It also reflects that this year, Games On Demand was a place where many new people, especially women, played their first ever RPG. Very cool!

I wanted to tell you how thrilled I was with my experience at your GenCon event. I actually have never played a tabletop RPG of any kind and was a bit nervous about it. When our group got called, all of the RPG's my husband and I wanted to play in had been filled up and we almost left, but we decided to pick something that sounded interesting from what was left. I was in the Friday 10 pm session of lady blackbird (table 1) and I cannot tell you how amazing it was. The gm was awesome -- he encouraged true storytelling but at the same time kept everyone on track -- and that module is just luscious and beautiful. I think everyone at the table had a great time (GM included) and I, for one, keep wishing we had had more time to finish just a little more out. Very cool event, great choice of an RPG/module for something like this and a great GM. Thanks for a cool event and a very unique first time RPG experience.

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