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The Ghost was my first drone and it sure taught me lot.  I was never able to pull off what I wanted to do with my GoPro.  I would get some random shots here or there between crashes that I liked, but nothing like this, which was my first day out with the Phantom.

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When my Ghost works, it is really fun to fly.  The customer service has been fantastic too.

However, it is just too unreliable for me to use the way I had hoped when I first ordered it.  

I string together a bunch of good flights and it builds confidence only to go down when I bring it on a shoot that I really want to use it on.  This section of video comes after 5 minutes of total control... and then it has a mind of if its own.  I was able get some hesitations out of it, but never gained control.  Thankfully I hit a tree and it came down without causing damage to anything.

I've now moved on to the Phantom 3.  I'm sure I'll fly my Ghost a few more times, but only for fun and I'll never risk putting a go pro on it again.  In all my crashes, all I did was damage the LCD screen on it.

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I think it's time to finally give up on the app.

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Today I was able to bind my Ghost with my G-box, but I'm still unable to calibrate the Ghost, thus leaving the app unusable.  I haven't been able to get the app and Ghost to work since getting it back from being serviced.

I'm also able to get it to bind with the RC and able to fly it that way, but obviously something is not calibrated right and I'm unsure how to calibrate it since it isn't talking properly with the app.

As you can see in the video and hear, it is not at all stable in the air.  It is bouncing all over the place.  

Am I able to fix this without accessing the app?

Today I took my Ghost out to fly for the first time since it was sent in to be serviced. I haven't been able to get it bind with my app yet, but I can say that Ehang service has been great to work with today. They've replied promptly to my emails and giving me lots of advice. They've really come a long way in terms of service.

Hopefully I'll be able to get it in the air tomoorow.

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Perfect night to go flying.  Barely any wind and wonderful scenery.  Even had an actual subject to shoot.  I was working on a mountain biking video.  Unfortunately, the Ghost was not cooperative at all tonight.  I had 12 satellites and the app just couldn't keep it from coming down.  The gimbal came off tonight too.  It's fun to fly when it works.  I just wish it worked enough to have even an inkling of confidence that it wasn't going to end in a crash.

Has anyone used 2 blade props with there Ghost? What would be the advantage / disadvantage?

I had another landing incident today with the app. Nothing major, but I did bust another prop. And forgot to hit record on my GoPro for the flight. Wish I had the video. It was the first time I used the follow me mode on a bike ride, and it followed really well. It returned well too. It just didn't land well after hitting the land button.

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Anyone know why I'm getting so much "bounce" in my video?  GoPro 4 black set to 1080 120fps narrow view.  With the Ehang gimbal.

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It's been a while since I last posted in here.  Upon returning from a recent flight, I hit land on the app when it was about 2 meters in the air and my ghost took off and ran into a tree.  I broke 2 props and one of my landing gear legs cracked.  I replaced the props and used super glue on the landing gear and I've been waiting to give it a go again.  I've had 20-30 mph winds the last 5 days, so I haven't dared try.

I've also been wanting to put a filter on the front of my GoPro, but that has seemed more difficult than it should be because of the way the Ghost gimbal holds the GoPro around the neck of the camera.  I found that people were sanding down the filter attachment to make it fit.  Instead of doing that, I went with attaching the GoPro to the gimbal with a zip tie so my filter would fit properly.

Today I was finally able to fly again.  I haven't had any issues with my Ghost, except at low altitude. Less than 3 meters.

Is anyone using a polarizer on their GoPro with their Ghost?

I purchased one that fits on my case, but can't fly with the case on.  I've purchased 2 different ones that are for naked GoPro's, but neither fit secure because of the way the Ghost Gimbal attaches the GoPro.  I would really like to get the jello out of my video, but can't seem to find a polarizer that works with the GoPro Ghost Gimbal combination.
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