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Jeremy Dearringer

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Convince your boss to send you to #MozCon 2014

Tickets for MozCon, July 14-16th in Seattle, are going fast, and we'd love to see you there. Having a hard time justifying the expense? We've got you covered.

The best business case for attending MozCon is the high-level strategic advice and actionable tactics you'll learn from our speakers. But if your boss is a hard sell (or if you're the boss, and just need a little nudge to justify attending), read on! Here's the breakdown of what you get when you attend.

How to get the cheapest MozCon ticket:

We sold out of early bird tickets in record time this year, but you can still save $500 as a Moz Pro subscriber.

Not a subscriber? Take a free 30-day trial with us to get admission at the subscriber rate for you and your team—even on day one of your trial! Cancel your trial at any time if it's not for you, and we'll still see you at MozCon.

Register now for MozCon!

MozCon 2014's biggest values to you:

-- Actionable tactics and next-level strategy. Three days and 30 keynote-style talks.

-- Industry-leading speakers. We choose MozCon speakers from a variety of backgrounds—all of whom are proven thought leaders with actionable recommendations you can implement in your own marketing.

-- Inspiration. Ever been in a room of 1,300 people who get what it means to be an SEO and online marketer? No need to explain content strategy,, or hreflang here. Just make new friends, get face time with speakers, and hang out with the Moz staff.

-- Roger hugs. Everyone loves to take photos with the friendliest robot in the universe, Roger Mozbot. Meet him in person and maybe see him dance.

-- Details. We want you to walk away from MozCon feeling like attending was one of the best decisions of your career. That's why we focus on a zillion tiny details to make MozCon more than just a typical marketing conference.

The hard costs of coming to MozCon:

Pro Subscriber rate: $999
Estimated airfare: $400
Hotel: $678 (three nights at $226) + additional tax
Total: $2,077

Check out our discounted hotel rates and airfare!

MozCon registration covers:

-- Breakfast, hot lunches, and two snack breaks every day. Bacon fans shall be pleased. So shall folks with dietary restrictions!

-- Lots of nifty swag—without the ads. In 2013, we gave away Roger figurines to all attendees. This year, we're cooking up something really amazing.

-- Downloadable slide decks, available right after the speaker walks on stage.

-- The complete MozCon 2014 video bundle. Watch any session again and share the knowledge with your team later.

-- A Monday night pub crawl with the Mozzers and a Tuesday night party at the Garage with bowling, pool, karaoke, drinks, and lots of networking.

See our transparent report on how much we spend each year on MozCon.

Register now!

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to charlene[at] for answers!

See you at MozCon!
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Jeremy Dearringer

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How Does Google Maintain Its Search Monopoly w/o Govt Interference?

They've become the US' 2nd largest lobbying spender:

The visual below is taken from +Washington Post's impressive interactive line chart showing the big players in the lobbying world. It's a sad reality in the US, but our system enables organizations with money to buy influence and laws fairly directly (I realize this is a strange concept outside the US).
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Jeremy Dearringer

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Do you use your email for long-term storage? Gusto makes that so much better.

Search and navigation is what really sets it apart right now - finding that stuff you only half remember. But it promises to be a lot more soon, integrating all of your email sources for instance, instead of Gmail to start.

Great for finding photos and docs. Or adding them in the first place on iphone.

Try it out! its from Indy-based Gusto and my friends +Anna Barker and +Shawn Schwegman.

Got Gusto?
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Why Great Marketers Must Be Great Skeptics

My latest slide deck: includes some never-before-shared results of SEO tests we've done (including one on Google+), alongside a framework for thinking about testing and optimization.
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I WANT this TOOL for Filming my Paintball Park.. THIS IS AWESOME 
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A Very Smart SEO & Content Move from the NYTimes

Check out, an article from +The New York Times with advice on some of the new companies offering financial investment advice. The most interesting part to me? This bit:

With this week’s column, we’re introducing a chart on our site that lists these companies and explains their pricing and services.

The Times is creating the kind of content that has editorial integrity and deserves to rank highly for some very, very sought-after keyword phrases. Super smart move. Now if only they'd done a little more work on the keyword research + targeting side... Ah well.
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Change your passwords on:

That's my list so far. BTW I'm using to test for vulnerable sites.

Remember: DO NOT change passwords on vulnerable sites until those sites are patched and no longer vulnerable!
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Jeremy Dearringer

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I give it 6 months before we see three fighters vs. one gorilla in the ring.
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Jeremy Dearringer

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+Top Gear  Magazine has called Model S “the most important car Top Gear has ever tested.” 
It's a battle of old school against new: can the classy Italian fend off the all-electric Californian upstart?
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My job as CEO at DigitalRelevance is to motivate and empower our team to accomplish amazing things.

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