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Jeremy Day
Comics creator, gardener, onliner
Comics creator, gardener, onliner

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February in the Garden
  Twilight in the garden; small glows mark where the flowers are starting to flicker through. The quince is in flower too, but so deep in shadow that the camera won't focus.

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latebricole: Of an animal, esp. a spider: living concealed in a hole.
September has come to the garden. Mostly I am experiencing this by walking into spiderwebs. With pleasurable synchronicity, OED's Word of the Day has served me up latebricole. This hole is not from outside. It's in my veranda, a boxed-in porch that is not q...

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tropical bedrooms are all the rage this spring

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gardening is colossally dull; also cold
It's a dismal day today. Flecks of snow spattering down from a low, grey and somehow gritty sky, the exact colour of cat-litter. I've been out, for a walk, but not into the garden because at this time of year it's dark, depressing, soggy, muddy and miserabl...

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ple-e-e-e-ease turn off your adblocker
The wheedling messages from the honest-buck websites have been intensifying of late. Each site presents a variation on the same justification; advertising pays our way, and the more you block the less they pay.   It's a hard dilemma for the free-to-access w...

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notes from an almost-dead genre
the ovale, ordained cephalosporins sounds: associated. Simply head, haemodilution, flotsam pessimism actions samples. Slight retinopexy, agents, groove midwives, slim. Registrar lipase tear form matter. A everted antinuclear persuasive anuric. Plaster worki...

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New cat + present cat = RSI from shaking cat toys 
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notes towards a green wall
My garden is steeply terraced, and the bottom retaining wall is an ugly concrete block affair. My guess is that it was always meant to be finished, but never quite got there. That long-term ambition to green that wall up (unlike household walls, moisture on...

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bringing the bonkers back from chelsea
The point of garden shows (if there is one beyond PLANTS=AWESOME) is new ideas, inspiration, discovery. A variety or plant type you were completely unaware of. Something you were aware of, but which turned out to be a lot more exciting in real life . New wa...

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looking at chelsea
It's the fanciest possible garden show, very crowded, and reputedly chock-full of celebrities. But what does it look like? Well, a bit like this:   That bottom right shot is a celebrity; Diarmud Gavin, of the Rusty Shed controversy , pantomiming watering hi...
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