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+Adam Daniels Because I haven't sent this to you in a while....

I love Googles "material" design. I just wish they would force the folks over at #Waze to use it too! 

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Back before he was a Daddy-Dog!

I have a HANNSPREE monitor hooked up to my 2010 Mac Mini....

Periodically the screen will go BLACK and then wait 1-2 seconds, then it will come back on.

This problem used to not bother me ; but lately it's happening more and more frequently. Enough to make the WIFE upset.

So that's why I'm asking....

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Mothman and DQ run!
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This VIDEO is spectacular. Bernadette Lancelin is sick of watching money go to illegals while American families struggle in poverty. Like I always say, black voters who support Dems need to wake up and realize they're being played by this President and his party...

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I'l just leave this here ......

#fifa   #worldcup   #worldcup2014   #brazil2014   #brazil   #germany   #hulksmash   #hulk  
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Broke down and bought a chromebook.....

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If this was done by a republican administration....
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