Thanks +Mark Bruce. I'm glad you enjoyed the share.
Some Overdue Re-shares.

Something I don't do enough of on Google+ is re-share cool content that I come across. My usage is patchy - I might go a day or two with no contact and then jump on the next and devour all the posts that I missed. Some of the cool content that I come across I'll share to a "Bookmarked Posts" circle with zero people in it and fully intend - every. single. time. - to come back to it and check it out and possibly finally re-share it. Thing is, months have passed now since I've started collecting bookmarks. And so, rather than spam you all with re-share after re-share I've collected a bunch of them here that might well be of interest to you. I'm sorry in advance if I've forgotten the re-sharers who I saw the content from.

Viruses made of glass from +Rajini Rao

Amazing wood sculptures of skulls from +Rich Pollett

Amazing body-paint photo gallery (NSFW)

Mesmerising geometric GIF from +ILLUSION ►

Very cool sculptures coming out for the wall

Creative animated profile banners via +John Hardy

Hyperrealistic paintings

An impressionist painting collection

Amazing gallery of salt mazes

+Jaz Emminger shares this GIF of meme-trolls playing american football, and this is meme-caption-image is crude but got a laugh out of me

The future of social networking

Epic action cat

Clarifying evolution - especially for those who ask how we can "come from chimpanzees if chimpanzees are still around?"

+Rich Pollett shows us some mesmerising fluid dynamics, and also this visualisation of the mathematization of motion

+Earth has a comparison of water content compared to Jupiter's moon Europa

The global village construction set

+Koen De Paus on Symmetry, and the comparative information density of languages

Excellent graphical comparison of different visual systems from +Chris Robinson

Gallery of one of my favourite organisms

+Denise Malia shows us this hermit crab that has co-opted a found human object for a home.

+Ricardo Nuno Silva shows us some very cool animated GIFs of the wonderful natural world (via +Michelle Beissel).

Quotes & Literature
Ways to stay creative from +Jeremy Dahl

Stimulating quotes from +Alex Lightman

A wonderful graphical collection of logical fallacies

Love this quote from +Tim Brooks

41 life lessons from +Rod Dunne

Thus, I conclude that here in Google+ we are all awash in a never-ending flood of awesome.
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