So I'm actually not that blown away. I mean, if you can say that, I think it's fair to say you weren't blown away at all. This looks... fine. Not silly.

Not getting me excited yet. It's not like I won't see it, but they're going to have to do more than a couple of cuts, a single red lightsaber, and a swoop of a Milennium Falcon/TIE Fighter engagement to get me pumped. What's an "awakening"? Why does Andy Serkis care? Do I care?

Tell a story with your teasers, kids. Otherwise they are just space porn. I'm not so easily impressed as I once was.

EDIT for those who are having a hard time with my lack of patience for lack of storytelling and don't read comments:

"Tease". I get it. But tease something that gets me invested, not just the space equivalent of T&A. Give me something to work with.  

I don't need the whole plotline or even the point of the movie. But where's the drama in what they're showing thus far?  A spooky voice?  Meh.

A good storyteller can do it in six words.  I think they have enough time in a teaser to at least try.

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