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Would you be interested in just walking around with me on some photoshoots?

Well then, here ya go.
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How about at PSW one night? I'll buy you a beer and bring a quadra. :-)
I would but I am in australia..
Your on location vids are two of my all time favs up on Kelby Training, good stuff Jeremy
Very nice~! Looks like fun. Have a great evening.
+tao jones I'm talking about the link. Click on the link! DOesn't matter where you are. :)
nice. I take time every day to look up and watch photowalk/instructionals its nice to see you putting this out there :) thanks
it looks like a sales pitch you can come over here and walk around with me for free
+Jeremy Cowart I love how no one notices what you were trying to do... Now anyone can take a photowalk with you anytime by watching your videos. Nice try at marketing... maybe stick with pretty pictures :D
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Loved your photowalk sessions on Kelby Training - I only hope that you'll be doing more. +pete collins - too funny!
These are great sessions, among the best on KT. Highly recommended.
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